Internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, David Hundeyin has alleged that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was paying a “Special extra budgetary allowance” to the military rank-and-file, so that they don’t carry out a coup d’etat.

He made the allegation in a tweet on his verified Twitter account on Friday.

According to the tweet, his source got the information from a soldier he gave a ride on his way to the office.

“For those celebrating what was apparently their “victory” yesterday, I have very little to say.Apparently your “Asiwaju” is paying the military rank-and-file a special extra-budgetary allowance so that they don’t carry out a coup – such is his level of confidence in his own “mandate.”

However long this marriage of strange bedfellows lasts, it will inevitably come to and end. When it does, I will be here to tweet “I told you so” as I always do.

Tomorrow’s Max Siollun history books are being written in real time today. Good luck to all of us.”

Some reactions of netizens to the tweet:

@Switchild #Dadiyata #voteLPfromtoptobottom@ehimaggie·

“Same he did with the judiciary and media!

But it wll surely come to an end!”

@Kome Nice@KomeNicee·

“A military friend in uyo told me same too.. the military has been compromised”

@Ossy FA@maaziossy·

“Borrowing money from IMF for “Tinubu allowance” By the time no one agrees to borrow him again, soldier man go vex. We will be here.”

@Tobi Akinbo J.@realTobiAkinbo

“I knew he was doing this, in Nigeria of today, it’s all about the money in every agency. So, this is not surprising to me at all, if you study the mafia rules, you can predict The bagman 100%, it’s not a deep prophecy”

@PURE STANLEY 𝕏@PureStanley1

“He suspected that he might be impeached, then he started by purchasing SUVs worth of N160m to shut the law makers up, bought out the judiciary so they won’t disqualify him. Now giving the Military extra budgetary allowance so they won’t set up a coup to dethrone him, I give it to Tinubu, he is a master planner, a devilish political gamer.”

@Ovie Of Hampton Roads@Hampton_Road

“My friend who used to drive for Uber in lagos called one army guy too who told him same thing during Buhari regime so with your tweet it confirms Tinubu is just running the buhari template Interesting times ahead”

@Tunde Jimoh@iamtundegold

“Tinubu allowance?Can’t be on the payslip anyway…Some of these things need verification before posting, cos of the way some people just act on information they read. It is obvious the soldier telling the story is even ignorant of the types of allowances that accrue to them monthly.”

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