Decide Your Future, a book authored by Godspower Oparaugo, is a breathtaking nonfiction book. It’s mainly written to help the readers decide their future; their career, profession in the right ways. The book was self-published in 2019 and traditionally published in Nigeria in 2020.

It’s a non-fiction and self-development book which educates the readers that their future can only be decided by themselves. Many people believe that their future lies in the hands of their family members or friends.

This very mindset keeps them from achieving their dreams. Many of them could only realize this at their old ages which makes them put the blame on other people. Sometimes, they blame their Creator for not achieving their dreams.

Godspower Oparaugo wrote this book out of his personal experiences. He was convinced that everyone’s future lies in his hands. He was not born with a sliver spoon; his background was enough reason to discourage him. He didn’t attend any special school but he took the bull by the horn. Despite his background then, he became a graduate.

The author’s future was narrowly decided by his mother who wanted him to become a priest. He spent years seeking for admission into the seminary school but was denied. Then, he was not allowed to do any other thing other than things that related with priesthood. In fact, his mother isn’t happy till date that her son didn’t become a priest.

Oparaugo was in talented electrical and electronics career but couldn’t nurture it. This was as a result of not permitted to pursue his dream as a child, instead he was asked to pursue priesthood. He started his writing career in 2010 during his first year in the polytechnic. Before ‘Decide Your Future’, he had written and self-published Wake Up.

In an interview with hoo!haa!! News, the author exposed how progressive the book sales has been since publication, even without much marketing.

“Five days after the launching, one of my kinsmen who bought a copy from Amazon ordered for 10 more copies with me. He paid for the copies immediately. With that, I began to feel fulfilled.”

“I then decided to go to Lagos to market the book but did know where and how to start. So, I decided to deposit some copies with bookshops in Lagos. Over there, met one guy who owns a bookshop but sells college books and few novels. After I talked with him he saw that I really needed help, he accepted to market my book. I left over 40 copies with him. Some of them were sold before I left Lagos.

“While I was still in Lagos, one of my community’s respected businessman heard that I was in Lagos and decided to invite me over to his office at Ilasa. When I went there, he immediately introduced me to his business associates, persuaded them to buy my book. Immediately, the Indian man I met there bought a copy and congratulated me. My community’s business guru requested to help me sell my book in his office; I was so humbled to hear that.

“Before I left Lagos, the Dupemu outstation of Christ the King (CKC) Catholic Parish granted me access to sell my book in the church. I was able to get this favour through my cousin brother who was a catechist in the station. My book sold close to 200 copies in 20 minutes.

“I have sold many copies to my Facebook friends. It was even from Facebook that I connected with Mr. Chad, a US friend who bought 2 copies at $520. I have friends who bought from Canada, India and USA. Decide Your Future have sold over 2,000 copies since publication without much marketing.

“Apart from the National Library, my book is some of the academic libraries including LEMA Theological Seminary, Mbaitoli, Nigeria.” Oparaugo excitedly exposed.

This book states it clearly that without a decision, no one can succeed. The truth is, when you’re not making the right decision to succeed, you’re making the right decision to fail.

It also prepares anyone to embrace leadership by conscience. This helps any person to become a good leader. It’s impossible for one to become a good leader without a good decision.

No parent can perform well without exhibiting the traits of leadership wrapped with decision-making qualities.

The story of Mr. Barnes and Thomas A. Edison will inspire you to believe that your ability to rule your world lies only in your decisions.

This book will guide you on how to reshape your future and equip you as you journey to personal discovery and achievements. It will encourage you to take life as a daring adventure just as Helen Keller had said.

It’s very simple to read and easier to understand. The principles it contains can be applied in any area of life. It has diversified lessons in personal, household and business management to teach the reader.

Decide Your Future is a great tool for sound leadership and implementation of strategies. It’s a sought after book for people that want to move to another level in life.

It explains how you can discover opportunities and seize them if you are smart enough. It will help you to create profitable ideas. Remember that ideas rule the world. Any person can read this book irrespective of his or her profession or status.

In this book, the author made it point-blank that your future is wrapped in your decisions. Whatever you choose is what you become…it’s just a matter of time and commitment.

“Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved until a decision is made. You’re in control of your decisions and your decisions are in control of your destiny.” Says Godspower Oparaugo.

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  1. I have his book, a friend gave it to me as a gift. The book is fire 🔥, and indeed, it has helped me to start deciding my future in the right ways.

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