(Being an Anniversary Note on behalf of NINAS, commemorating the Heroic Revolution of April 22, 1990, led by Major Gideon Orkar and his Compatriots)

Listening to both Prof Banji Akintoye and Dr Reuben Abati in this heated Arise TV Interview Session dissecting the April 13, 2024 Incident of the Invasion of the Seat of Government in Ibadan by “Yoruba Nation” Activists who were acting in furtherance of the April 12, 2024 Modupe Onitiri Declaration of “Democratic Republic of Yoruba” the one thing that jumps out is: NINAS Is Right.

(Here is the link to the said Arise TV Interview Session )


(A) First To Prof Banji Akintoye:

(1) Is there anything lamented about the Yoruba situation in Nigeria that does not apply to the other Nationalities in the NINAS Alliance Territories?

(2) Is it not the same Fulani Conquest Invasion, Onslaught and Agenda that the rest of Nigeria faces just as the Yoruba?

(3) is it not by the Instrumentality of the Caliphate-Imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria that the Fulani are holding the entire Country hostage?

(4) Is it not by working together as an Alliance and by the Isolation and Incapacitation of that Common Enemy that the rest of Nigeria can much more swiftly and safely extricate themselves from the stranglehold of that common enemy being orchestrated in the name of a non-existent Federation of Nigeria since Nigeria effectively became a Unitary Union since May 27, 1967, and particularly under the 1999 Constitution?

(5) Is it not by the Defeat and Overturning of the 1999 Constitution that the Peoples of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria can retrieve their Sovereignties hijacked and Confiscated by the Caliphate via that Fraudulent Constitution?

(6) Is it difficult to see that the crashing of the 1999 Constitution IMMEDIATELY Terminates the Unitary Union Erected upon that Constitution and therefore frees up the trapped Constituent Components of Nigeria (including the Yoruba) from the Union of Death that Unitary Nigeria has become for them?

(7) What other freedom was Prof Banji Akintoye pursuing for the Yoruba, that would be better than the Complete Restoration of Sovereignty that will come with NINAS’ defeat and dismantling of the 1999 Constitution?

(8) Knowing that the Indigenous Nationalities of the Greater East and the Niger Delta, and the Middle-Belt are also seeking extrication and escape from the man-eating monster of Unitary Nigeria, IS IT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND that the Self-Propelling Joint Jailbreak Designs of the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) offers all the Indigenous victims of Caliphate Nigeria the Safest and Most Viable Pathway to Liberation and Freedom since the Caliphate-Imposed Constitution which locks them all into the Nigerian Union and which comprehensively empowers the common enemy has been Delegitimized, Defeated, and now being Decommissioned for Dismantling by the NINAS CFM Onslaught in an Orderly TRANSITIONING Process that could result in a Proper Federation, a Confederation or the emergence of Independent Units of Successor Sovereign State Entities (of which Yorubaland could be one), depending on the outcome of the Multi-Regional Referendums contained in the Two-Stage Reconfiguration Procedure Stipulated by the Five-Point Proposition in the NINAS CFM?

(B) To Dr Reuben Abati:

(1) In talking about an Indivisible and Indisoluble Nation stipulated by the Constitution of Nigeria, one would ask: which Constitution was Reuben Abati talking about other than the 1999 Constitution which has now died from the fatal foundational anomaly of being a Forgery and Fraud OR will Abati feign ignorance of the Onslaught of NINAS against that Death-Dispensing Constitution in the form of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure of NINAS? (Akintoye accused him of rigorously avoiding the truth!)

(2) Is it difficult for Reuben Abati to understand :

(a) That All Demands for Restructuring are driven by the Desire for Self-Determination:(b) That Restructuring of Nigeria can result in a Proper Federation; a Confederation or the Emergence of Independent Units of Successor Sovereign State Entities which essentially are all Self-Determination outcomes for the erstwhile Constituent Peoples of the Defunct Defunct Federation of Nigeria, differing only in the Degree of Autonomy offered by each outcome, and so why was Abati posing a question that suggested that he understood Restructuring to be a totally different Campaign from that Self-Determination?

(C) To the Government of Nigeria and the Rest of Stakeholders in the Distressed Nigerian Project :

(1) Against the backdrop of the Year 2000 Secession of the Sharia North from the Secular Federation of Nigeria, has it not become sufficiently Self-Evident to all, that the long-standing Constitutional Grievances of the Constituent Components of the Distressed Nigerian Federation, for which Agitations rage across the length and breadth of Nigeria, whether it was the Gideon Orkar-Led Revolution of April 22, 1990 which expelled the Sharia Belt of Nigeria from the Nigerian Secular Union, or for “Resource-Control” in the Niger-Delta or for “Biafra Restoration” in the Igbo East or the “Yoruba Nation” in Western Nigeria, MUST now be addressed by a Process dictated by the Self-Determination Imperative for the Constituent Peoples of Nigeria?

(2) Just like the Obduracy of the Lugardian Mischief of 1914, has the Futility of the Gowonian Task of Keeping Nigeria One by a combination of Brutal Force and Shameless Guile cum Deceit not become Sufficiently Self-Evident to bring us to a more sensible approach to settling the Union Dispute that arose since we abandoned the outcome of Aburi Sovereignty Conference of January 1967?

(3) 64 Years after Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, 54 Years after the 1970 end of the Nigeria-Biafra War; 44 Years since the 1979 Imposition of a Unitary Constitutional Order on Nigeria by the Military and 24 Years since the 1999 Re-Imposition of the 1979 Unitary Constitution by the Military, has the time not come for Nigeria and Nigerians to soberly examine the Five-Point Proposition of NINAS which placed before Nigeria, a Comprehensive Union Reconfiguration Process via an Orderly Transitioning that can arrest Nigeria’s current drift to anarchy?. (Here is the link to the NINAS Five-Point Proposition recently recommended to the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria as a Pathway to Redemption:

Tony Nnadi

NINAS Secretariat April 22, 2024.

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