Enugu: On Saturday, 27th November, 2021, Hon Israel Odinaka Ani, Esq, Administrator, Aninri West Local Government Development Council received a big boost in his bid to transform the council, in all ramifications, following the success of his meeting with Aninri West (Nenwe) stakeholders at Nenwe Civic Centre, Nkwu Ezha, Nenwe, Aninri LGA, Enugu State.

According to Ani, fondly called Ngige Aninri by his teeming admirers, he convened the Aninri West Stakeholders’ meeting, after three months of assuming office so as to meet and interact with the stakeholders, as the real owners of the council.

“Today in history shall be remembered as a day notable sons and daughters of Nenwe were recognized as the real owners of this seat of Government at the grassroots”

He went on to elucidate his reason for convening the meeting, which was the first of its kind, since the inception of the Development Centre:

“My adored leaders, it is my belief that before I continue in this office, having studied the environment for the past three months that I was inaugurated as the Administrator, I should reach out to the onwers of the office I occupy to give them a sense of belonging and proper inventory and as well brief them on the state of the development centre.”

Ngige Aninri, in his address also presented his 4 Point Agenda as follows:

“My Administration shall have a 4 Point Agenda:

1: Security: Security is everyone’s business. As such, there is need for a multidimensional approach involving all stakeholders

2: Youth Empowerment: This will help curb unemployment and youth restiveness which are key drivers of crime. There is also need for an Aninri West Database containing important demographic information on Nenwe hosted on a website to make for better planning and projections.

3: Aninri West Infrastructural Master Plan: There is need for an Aninri West Infrastructural Master Plan to facilitate a coordinated and strategic development of Nenwe.

4:. Nenwe Politics: With the support of this august gathering and Nenwe Political stakeholders, we need to all subscribe to a common Nenwe political agenda, regardless of political affiliations.”

Recall tthat Nenwe, a community that has produced so many notable Nigerians, including Late Senator M. B. Chukwubike, a First Republic Senator who represented Awgu/Udi/Awka Divisions has witnessed the spiraling of insecurity leading to several ugly incidents such as the attack on participants at a PDP Nenwe Ward 3 monthly meeting, some months ago.

The presentation of address and the 4 Point Agenda was notable received with encomiums by all in attendance.

In his reaction, Hon Prince Tony Nwonye, a former Executive Chairman, Aninri LGA commended the Administrator for his bright ideas, “I’m quite impressed. In fact, if you continue like this, you will go far”.

Prince Nwonye also stated that the current spate of insecurity bedeviling Nenwe should be top most on the agenda due to its over riding importance.

In his speech, Hon Engr. Chinedu Okwu, Member Representing Aninri Constituency in the Enugu State House of Assembly bluntly told the gathered stakeholders that they the present crop of leaders in Nenwe were to blame for the precarious state of affairs in the community.

“Nenwe lacks something very important. We lack interest in politics. Our stakeholders all care about their own individual interests. Nobody wants to come together and work for Nenwe interest.

“Our stakeholders show no interest in politics without knowing that it affects them, in all ramifications.

“We are the people to take care of Nenwe security before the Government steps in. If we are interested in the welfare of Nenwedalize Goverlent infrastructure in our domain.”

Hon Okwu, who is the Chairman, Enugu State House of Assembly Committee on Youths & Security challenged the stakeholders to fish out the criminals in their midst.inseinsecurity and other challenges

Waxing philosophical, he propounded a new theory – Nenwe First :

“For us to salvage Nenwe, we must all adopt the philosophy of Nenwe First. If we place Nenwe First, forgetting individual interests, we shall be able to effectively and decisively deal with all challenges including insecurity”.

Furthermore, he informed those present that he intended organizing a seminar “to re-orientate youths who have been brainwashed and are now involved in criminality”

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