The Reason Nigeria is the mess it is right now is the Unitary Constitutional Arrangements imposed on it by its Proprietors. The only Solution to the Situation is to depart completely from the Unitary Constitutional Order and make a U-Turn to a Federal Arrangement. The Alternative is to plunge on in error to a disorderly (and most likely violent) Dissolution as choking Constituent Components take Unilateral Actions to Extricate themselves from the Unitary Union of Death that Nigeria has become under the 1999 Constitution.

The Recommendations listed above for Constitution Amendments are the opposite of what the situation Nigeria requires right now as no piecemeal Amendments will address the Union Dispute that is already raging.

Which Constitution are they talking about Amending? The Fraud of 1999 or another? It is a pity that people will sit around and allow the very people who plunged them into the mess they live in, and who benefit tremendously from that mess, to lead the discussion on how to chart the way out from the same mess.

When under the guise of Local Government Autonomy, the so-called “Federal Government” through its INEC, begins to Conduct your Local Government Elections, and Federal Allocations begin to go straight to Local Government Councils, does that not tell you that you have lost the last vestiges of your Autonomy to the same Caliphate monster we call “the Federal Government”? How did Obduracy, Dishonesty and Deadly Stupidity overtake a people so very completely?

Whether anyone understands it now or not, the reality is that we cannot keep 36 States as Federating Units; we cannot keep 774 Local Government Councils as a tier of Government that must be Financed from Monthly Allocations; We cannot keep 68 Items of Federal Exclusive Legislative List. Most importantly, we cannot continue to build a Union on the Foundations of the Egregious Falsehoods that We The People Firmly and Solemnly Resolved to Live in Unity as One Indivisible and Indissoluble Nation; AND that We Made, Enacted and Gave To Ourselves the 1999 Constitution We either get into a Transitioning Process Now To Discuss the Union OR We Disperse Forthwith.

No One Can Keep this Union-At-Gunpoint any Further, no matter how determined.

Happily, no matter what anyone recommends, the 1999 Constitution is going down wholesale along with the Toxic Unitary Union it foists. Those who are not paying attention to how the Decommissioning of that Constitution is being undertaken will most likely become only Collateral Damages.

What is being pushed around as “Constitution Amendments”, by the very forces of Caliphate Hegemony, Exponentially Increases the Existential Threats already posed by current Unitary Constitutional Arrangements under which our hands are tied to our backs while our ‘Conquerors’ who already hijacked our Economic Assets via the Constitution they imposed, are invading us massively with AK-47 and other deadly weapons, taking over our Ancestral Lands, Destroying our Livelihoods and Displacing whole Populations and Communities.

What is the value of our Education if we cannot find the Courage to force a discussion on this subject? Why do we distract ourselves with inconsequential stories of how Corruption is being fought under a Constitution that Mandates and Protects Corruption?
NINAS Secretariat, April 23, 2024

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