Abuja – The minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barr Nyesom Wike, has emphatically denied allegations levelled against him of having an Islamophobic Agenda by fiery and controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

Most netizens expected Wike to “treat Gumi’s f*k up” by tongue lashing him in his usual combative style. However, having possibly realized that “Abuja no be Rivers”, Wike was very diplomatic and unusually courteous in his response to the unwarranted attack.

While receiving members of the Abuja National Mosque management committee led by the Etsu of Nupe, Yahaya Abubakar on Wednesday, October 18, in his office, he explained that he was not in anyway promoting an Anti-Islamic agenda, promising to surpass the expectations of the religious leaders in supporting them.

Recently, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi described Wike as “a satanic person”, adding that “Tinubu should remove the minister of Abuja; if not, we will collide with him. On the day of a bath, the navel is not hidden.”

Responding to the allegations, Wike said: “There’s no government, not one that will hesitate not to support the maintenance of our national monument be it Islam, be it Christian because all of us we are in authority. Everyday we say, may God help us, if we say may God help us what are the centres of worship of that God you call to help you, if that center of worship is not there how then would you begin to say may God help us. So you also have a role to make sure that centre of worship is still maintained well for the worship of God.

“So let me declare to you here sir, whatever assistance you think which the previous administration or authority has been helping, if we do not surpass it we will continue to do that.”

Hmmm, to Wike, the fear of Gumi is the beginning of wisdom. Nevertheless, Wike’s wisdom in handling the issue shows commendable maturity and leadership.

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