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The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State Of Biafra, MASSOB has warned Mr Jude Ezenwafo, a factional presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, that “MASSOB and Ndigbo shall treat him like a saboteur if he fails to withdraw from his shameful and sacrilegious mission”

The Pro Biafra group issued the warning in a statement issued by Comrade Edeson Samuel, National Director of Information, MASSOB, on Thursday.

The statement reads:

“Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) condemned the sponsored hypocritical move of one Mr Jude Ezenwafo who claimed to be a factional presidential candidate of Labour Party.

MASSOB described Mr Jude Ezenwafor as huge disappointment and betrayal of future interest of Nigeria youths. He was paid and allowed himself to be used by Aso Rock cabals to create artificial impression that Mr Peter Obi”s Labour Party is factionalized.

MASSOB is advising Mr Ezenwafor to withdraw from this shameful and sacrilegious acts and mission he embarked on. We knew that APC and PDP are afraid of Mr Peter Obi and his labour mantra on the populace, that is why they want to use efelefu Ezenwafo as a bought tool to frustrate Mr. Peter Obi, because they know that Obi has won the heart of the youths, women and good conscience citizens.
Mr Peter Obi will definitely win the presidential election in 2023.

This Ezenwafo must learn from his paymasters on stepping down for their kinsman whom they entrust their political interest. The governor of Sokoto state, Alhaji Tambuwal stepped down for his brother Atiku Abubakar for him to win the PDP presidential ticket.
The Yoruba aspirants in APC presidential election stepped down for their brother, Bola Tinubu for him to clinch the APC presidential ticket

Instead of Gov Dave Umahi to step down for his elder brother, Ogbonnaya Onu, he boasted, what did Umahi gain at the end of the congress? MASSOB advises Mr Ezenwafo to use his tongue and count his teeth because MASSOB and Ndigbo will treat him as a saboteur and betrayal of Igbo nation.

MASSOB remind all the PDP and APC delegates from south east that went to Abuja, collected money and betrayed their brothers. your names are in our list, what happened to Judas Iscariot in the bible will happen to you because the money you collected to betray your land is cursed and the curses remain with you.

MASSOB congratulates the former governor of Abia state, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu for his eloquent and gallant speech in defending the right of southeast. Ndigbo are proud of you, even at the den of our enemies, Ogbonnaya Onu was not intimidated by their numbers or their alliance with other regions.”

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