-Wants new constitution before 2023 Elections

Leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural Group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said Tinubu is solely responsible for problems of Nigeria and does not deserve to be President unless Nigerians are tired of living, and would want a President that would hasten their deaths.

Adebanjo who stated this in an interview with New Telegraph, said if Nigerians say Buhari is a terrible President, why should they expect someone who brought Buhari to power to do any better?

The elder statesman said although he wish Tinubu no harm, he will however, not forgive him for the damages he did to the nation by bringing Buhari to power unless he changes his ways.

Responding to claims that Tinubu is still relevant many years after he left office as Governor and that he is the most qualified for the office of the president from the South West now, Adebanjo said, “Don’t come and campaign to me about Tinubu. You cannot change my mind on that.

“People have asked me if I have forgiven him, how can we be talking of that,when he is not doing the right thing? I have been condemning him for being in alliance with Buhari. He is the cause of all the problems we have in this country. If he did not have an alliance with Buhari, we will not be in this situtation.”

On whether his recent visit to Tinubu is a sign of support for his 2023 presidential ambition, he said, “You press men should not contribute to the evil in the land.

“The visit to Tinubu was purely on humanitarian ground after he came back from abroad. Some people went to London to visit him; I cannot afford to go to London. I disagree with Tinubu, but I don’t wish him to die. I am the one God used to make him the Governor, I thank God for that.

“So, when he came back from abroad, I went to greet him and we thanked God for his life. We went there purely on humanitarian ground, which is typical of Yoruba people. Even if we are fighting we should not wish the person dead.

Our visit was purely to wish him well. I told him that he is not doing the right thing. He has been very liberal to me, but that is not the question. But is he doing the right thing for the country or not? When I criticise him, it’s not because I hate him. The Bible says God does not want a sinner to die, but to repent. I will continue to criticise him until he does the right thing.”

Adebanjo also maintained his position for a new constitution saying it is irrelevant where the next president comes from if the constitution is not changed.

“That is not the question now; we cannot be talking of election now,” he said while responding to question on his preferred candidate should the presidency be eventually zoned to the South West.

“Change the Constitution, the Constitution you want to use for the election is fraudulent that is my stand. I am not opposed to anybody, but I oppose this Constitution that was imposed on us and that is against anybody that is non-Fulani because it was imposed by the Fulanis. We said let us change the Constitution,” he added.

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