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Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD
Odogwu of Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria
Leader, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN)
Email: nwaezeigwe.genocideafrica@gmail.com
Website: https://icac-gen.org 
Date: This Day July 15, 2023

According to the famous educationist of Victorian Lagos Henry Rawlingson Carr, “Historians are a poor hand at predicting the future, but they have the power not even claimed by the Deity of altering the past.” Indeed the business of altering the past becomes imperative when the past is leprously infested with chronic falsehoods implanted by men of treacherous characters, inflated ego and, spurious adventurism founded on cloudy exploits.
On Thursday October 20, 2022, Alhaji Ned Nwoko who popularly goes by the title of Prince, in his characteristic carriage of a villainous  political desperado sponsored a cacophonic rag-tag band of street urchins hurriedly put together by one fictitious group miscalled “Save Humanity Advocacy Center” (SHAC) with an equally fictitious job-man with fictitious identity called Johnson Kolawole Michael, to engage on a dance of shame miscalled demonstration against Senator Peter Nwoboshi at INEC Headquarters, Abuja. Was it not indeed a dance of shame that Alhaji Ned Nwoko should abandon his home-base where he was required to canvass for votes and which has INEC office, but decided to employ unknown street urchins to express his obvious rejection by his people?
Alhaji Ned Nwoko wanted to hand-twist the INEC to act against its constitutional responsibility over a matter that was before the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ndi beanyi si na okuku yua ahulu ani achubaa oso. (Our people say, when the fowl pollutes the air, the land on which it stands begins to chase it around). This was the irony of a man who says he is a lawyer and claims to belong to the class of learned gentlemen. 
Ironically, his band of political hirelings recruited for the shameful outing bears the title of “Save Humanity Advocacy Center”; a group that should be campaigning against the institutionalized culture of mass killings, kidnappings, and banditry in their nation, if they were actually real and not fake, but instead decided to advocate for the interest of a protected national criminal in human form.
If one may ask, what could be more criminal to average Nigerians of today, nay the Christian population, than the on-going violent kidnappings for ransoms and the mass killing of the free citizens of this country Muslim Fulani herdsmen and their bandit and insurgent kinsmen? At any rate, if Ned Nwoko believed in his treacherous imagination that the only means of achieving his ambition of a Muslim Senator in the sea of ardent and unrepentant Christians was to sacrifice Senator Peter Nwoboshi on the altar of Fulanization and Islamization, he will definitely be confronted with an insurmountable concrete wall at the amounted time. The people of Aniomaland cannot afford to be represented by a Muslim as their Senator and this is the reason on which the Supreme Court vindication of Senator Peter Nwoboshi is predicated.
The Greek philosopher Aristotle speaking about his master Plato once stated, “Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth.” The truth as it stands today is that Senator Peter Nwoboshi is neither guilty of the offence for which he was charged to court, nor is he an ex-convict. The truth as it further stands today is that Alhaji Abdulahi Munir Ned Nwoko who used his connection with the Sultan of Sokoto as a Muslim in the land of the unbelievers to influence the course of Appeal Court judgment against Senator Peter Nwoboshi is perpetually shamed. His surrogates in Ibusa, namely the 419 kingpin Mr. Fred Ajudua and his now politically jobless wife Pat Ajudua are currently in a state of psycho-political cacophony. 
It is no longer a hidden fact that Alhaji Ned Nwoko who symbolizes the fountain-head of Fulanization and islamization among the Igbo of Delta State saw Senator Peter Nwoboshi as the major concrete wall between him and the actualization of his pay-masters’ planned islamization of the Igbo of delta State. This is the fundamental reason behind the travails of Senator Peter Nwoboshi which was clearly the treacherous handiwork of Ned Nwoko. 
The truth is that most of us walk free today not because those in prisons and detention committed more crimes than us, but simply because we have been able to either strictly obey the eleventh commandment, which stipulates that “Thy shall not be caught”, or are under the protective cover of the same people charged with the responsibility to bring us to judgment.  This is where the likes of Alhaji Nwoko fit in. Or can Ned Nwoko boldly come out to tell the world that none of the wealth he acquired is spotted in questionable deals? 
It is not enough to tell us stories of his bogus investments and companies. We have had similar stories from the likes of Chief M. K. O. Abiola, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu and Rochas Okorocha. All these men like Alhaji Ned Nwoko were financially empowered under an emblematic Islamic cult of perpetual allegiance and subservience to the Fulani Caliphate for the advancement of the cause of Islam among the Igbo. 
Of cause we were there when Alhaji Ned Nwoko represented us in the Federal House of Representatives and how the emergence of the little known Hon. Pascal Adigwe from Ogwashi-Uku drove him underground into ignominious political worthlessness until recently when he was commissioned as the official jihad flag-bearer in Aniomaland and subsequently supported by the Fulani-surrogate Governor of Delta State Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.
From all indices of moral judgment and taxonomy of self-inducing daring exploits, Alhaji Ned Nwoko is a political con-man par excellence who tactically maneuvered his way into Islamic faith through his clandestine marriage to the innocent but unfortunate Tunisian woman Laila Charani with the sole objective of swindling unsuspecting Tunisian and other Arab businessmen. He criminally used the woman’s Tunisian ancestry and Islamic faith to con many big-time Arab businessmen through whom he maneuvered his way into the heart of Sokoto Caliphate, where he presented himself as the indisputable Amir al-muminum (Commander of the Muslim faithful) in Delta State. 
Having achieved his objectives he decided to send the poor woman packing and married one Nollywood free-market woman named Regina Daniels, making her Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s wife number six. Meanwhile Ned Nwoko has unofficially converted his first wife Lily Nwoko to the status of a glorified nanny to Regina Daniels and other wives. Islam permits its adherents to have a maximum of four wives. But we are witnessing Alhaji Ned Nwoko acquiring as much as six wives without any record of divorce against the injunction of his Islamic religion. What then can better define such a man as a fake Muslim? It is therefore a truism that Alhaji Ned Nwoko belongs to the class of people the Holy Quran in Sura (Chapter) 5:61 refers to when it states, “When they come to you they said: ‘we are believers’, indeed infidels they came and infidels they departed.”
Needless to state that the vast acres of land Alhaji Ned Nwoko criminally acquired from his kinsmen to establish his so-called Sports University is still a subject of dispute. But the most revealing aspect of Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s job-man scheming is that the said Sports University is indeed alleged to be registered in Saudi Arabia as an Islamic University charged with the stealth objective of training future jihadists among our people and not sportsmen and women as alleged. 
Added to this roguish educational venture is the revelation that it was indeed Alhaji Ned Nwoko in collaboration with Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and Ndudi Elumelu that wickedly acquired the Mile Five Anwai settlement for the purpose of establishing a Fulani Muslim settlement where rapid-response Fulani Jihad strike force will be stationed to kill and kidnap our people in their ancestral land, since the Oko cattle market is deemed to be too exposed for such act. It is therefore not out of place to believe that Alhaji Ned Nwoko made his money for two reasons: first, to marry and change women in the manner of our women changing their wrappers; and second, to convert the Igbo people of Delta State to Islam (Alakuba). 
Yes! Alhaji Ned Nwoko is the official Jihad flag-bearer in Aniomaland representing not the interests of the Igbo of Delta State, but the interests of his Muslim umma whose authority radiates from Sokoto Caliphate. The Quran which is Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s holy book is emphatic on this injunction concerning the official relationship between Muslims and Christians. In Sura (Chapter) 5:51 the Quran explicitly states: 
“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors. They are friends and protectors of one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number.” 
From the above injunction by Alhaji Ned Nwoko’s Holy Quran it is obvious that he can neither be the friend nor kinsman of those he is currently representing today as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Let Alhaji Ned Nwoko come out boldly as a true Muslim, unless he is saying he is not a true Muslim, to tell the people of Aniomaland if the above injunction from the Muslim Holy Book—the Quran, does not fully explain his current relationship with them. 
Please Alhaji Ned Nwoko stand up and boldly explain to Anioma people why they should stand akimbo while somebody like you whose religion regards them as enemy should represent them as a Senator. The reason is that the people of Delta North Senatorial zone, consisting nine Local Government Areas are ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent Christians (99.99 %) Christians. I state this unparalleled emphasis because our people did not vote for you, rather you ingloriously manipulated yourself to victory at the most inglorious election in Nigerian history.
Is it not an irony of history that Alhaji Ned Nwako’s native town— Idumuje Ugboko was a fountain-head of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Missionaries in the Western Niger District of the Anglican Church in the late 19th and early 20th centuries which had the singular credit of producing the first Igbo female school teacher and Headmistress named Sarah Nsenu, described in CMS archival report of December 18, 1909 as “Our first Ibo school mistress?” 
The same report further stated that in 1909 Sarah Nsenu had “84 scholars and two probational pupil teachers. In addition to Serah Nsenu, the CMS archival records mentioned such notable missionaries and teachers from Idumuje Ugboko as their first convert John Elumelu, David Diai, B. Nsenu, David Juwa, and Julius Nwabueze among others. This indeed explains why in spite its small size in population Idumuje Ugboko is entrusted with the enormous responsibility of an Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of Asaba. 
How can the same Idumuje Ugboko town turn out to disastrously churn out the fountain-head of Sokoto Caliphate and Islamization of the same people they assisted in making Christians? Our God is not asleep. Haba Alhaji Ned Nwoko! I ma na-ala nne, na-eshigbu nwa (You can’t be fucking a mother and at the same time suffocating her baby), so says a popular Western Igbo adage. Alhaji Ned Nwoko wants to fuck our mothers and suffocate us— their children at the same time, for the sole reason of achieving his inglorious journey of Islamizing our people through his Senatorial ambition. No now! Chukwu aju ( God forbid)! 
This is the fundamental reason every patriotic son and daughter of Delta North Senatorial District celebrates the final and final acquittal of Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwoboshi by the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We celebrate Senator Peter Nwoboshi not because he is a perfect man, for no man or woman under the sun can claim perfection. 
We celebrate Senator Peter Nwoboshi because even between the two thieves crucified alongside Our Lord Jesus Christ one was automatically granted reprieve right there on the Cross by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria acting in accordance with the rules of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary acquitted Senator Peter Nwoboshi of all the crimes of corruption he was accused of by Alhaji Ned Nwoko and his band of Muslim surrogates. 
We celebrate Senator Peter Nwoboshi’s acquittal not because we totally support his APC platform, but like Joseph the Israelite using the political platform of Pharaoh to liberate his people from the pangs of Egyptian slavery, we believe he will use the same platform to liberate the people of Delta North Senatorial District from Alhaji Abdullahi Munir Ned Nwoko’s Fulani-driven Islamization agenda.

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  1. Congratulations on all Nigerians who are never unconcerned about Africans conscience of what s ethical or culturally an anathema – whatever it whoever horse is gored!
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