Onitsha – Aguleri Boys under the aegis of Anambra Vigilante Services dislodged Ekpa Terrorists from their Anam, Anambra West camps with the support of security services.

Below is an eyewitness report by Chris Nwachukwu obtained by hoo!haa!! Newspapers.

“By Chris Nwachukwu


Anambra West Local Government Local has been rid of the dreaded hoodlums / terrorists known as the Unknown Gunmen some referred to them as Unknown Government.

Before 23/07/2023, there was a high heat ranging from different gun attacks on major road within Omambala and the subjection of some farm settlement residents into oath taking and so forth.

The mission for dislodgement was motioned before February 25th, 2023 election campaign. But it was soft pedaled because of unforseen circumstances or consequences.Hence the setting up of few security intelligence to draw surveillance around their operating camps. Then it was only the AWOKOR CAMP, before those of NKWOJI, who arrived earlier in the month of June, based on security intelligence.

Security report has it that those of Awokor camp are more dreaded but calm and friendly than the migrants from Ogbaru whom found abode @ NKWOJI.The NKWOJI camp unknown gunmen are the perpetrators of the various kidnappings, car snatchings and demands for ransom causing news all over the social Media.

Few weeks ago, the security operatives from Anambra State vigilante led by ODANIKE, at about 12:00 midnight went to a community in Anambra West for operation, leading to the arrest of a young man, name withheld and the brother whom is the real culprit escaped.That prompted some revelations.

Hence the formation of a combined security meetings within the various communities of Anambra West Local Government. The gun battle started @ ORAH Umuenwelum Anam to NKWOJI. The result, the video and reports going viral on social medias.Three (3) Lexus jeep, which the owners has been identified and contacted, Motorbikes, AK 47, two arrested, one gun down and several injured, one informant arrested and one suspect captured by Umuenwelum Anam community the next morning. All are under police custody.The young man affected by gunshots has been discharged from hospital yesterday evening. Treatment only cost Thirty Thousand naira (30k).


The security of lives and property, is an all inclusive business. The various communities of Anambra West was to mobilize forty (40) security personnels (AVG) each but unavailability of funds to cushion the financial cost led to the drastic reduction in number. The team leaders are Viz;* Odanike general commander* Dantata for Ifite Anam* Lusty For Mmiata Anam* Bernard for Ezi-Anam* Sunny for Igala Zone .

The backups from the Anambra State Vigilante also led by ODANIKE courtesy of the Governor of Anambra State Prof. Charles SOLUDO include Igbakigba and Okpompi. God bless them.Others are Umuoba Anam Anambra East AVG and Anambra East Local Government AVG lead Ojukwu.

Actively involved in this operation among the Leaders are Odanike, Ojukwu,Lusty, Sunny and their boys. These are major actors of 23rd July, 2023 operation @ NKWOJI.It was the occasion of killings and kidnapping within Aguleri junction few days ago that triggered the attention of the good Leaders of Aguleri in the persons of PG and the Youths PG whom made an arrangement for military personnels with the help of a serving……………!

And few Aguleri AVG led by Amechi and John number 23 and Umueri AVG led by Omo Fry, they numbered 10.On hearing the news of the clash between the unknown gunmen and the team of ODANIKE securities early hours 23rd July, the Duo of Aguleri AVG and Umueri AVG, police officers from the division and area command in company of the above mentioned Leaders from Aguleri, came for backup but the deal has been done.

Hence the taking of videos and reports going viral.Yesterday 24/07/2023 the troop of the Nigeria Army Barracks 302 artillery regiment (GS) Onitsha, came for full military operation at the AWOKOR CAMP in company of four local security personnels. Namely; ODANIKE, Ojukwu, Lusty and Naira. The entire camp was completely razed down after much gun battle between the Nigeria Army and Security men against the unknown gunmen. The gun battle started from Awokor Mmiata to Okokolor. Two Prado jeep full with all their set to run, was burnt, one down AK recover, shrine destroyed and twelve (12) bikes burnt. No video as restricted by the Army. ANAMBRA WEST IS SAFE NOW.

Hence, the reason for today meeting.Conclusively, I want to state it clear, that I never intend writing because it’s not in my person and is of no use but for for records purpose, these. It will be written in the anals of men, that in the year 2023, that the entire security operatives in Anambra East And West Local Government merged together, to fight a common course. And it was a WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

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