Enugu: State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Enugu State, Barr. Ugo Agballah has called out Rev Dr Ejike Mbaka, fiery Catholic cleric and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries Enugu, Nigeria, urging him and other leaders in the state to rise against what he described as an “attempt to return the Ebeano political system back to the state”.

Agballah who addressed a world press conference in Enugu on Sunday warned that the people of the state will not allow the PDP to return the state to “the dark period of Enugu politics.”

According to him, “I am sorry for Enugu State. This is not the Enugu we laboured for. I’m the bridge between the founding fathers of Enugu and the new generation. Because I worked with them. I used to serve them in my house; the Onoh’s, when they used to come for wawa meeting in my house.What we have in Enugu is a far cry from the dreams of those great men. And my duty today is to restore the old order and to provide the platform for genuine people to rule us.

“Any attempt by anybody including my friend and Governor, Lawrence Ugwuanyi to bring back the ignoble Ebeano politcial system, to superintend over the politcial affairs of Enugu will be resisted by the people of Enugu State.I stand here as the face of that resistance. We will not accept the re introduction of a group that brought sadness, tragedy, brutalization on the people of Enugu State. A group that destroyed people’s houses in order to perpetuate themselves in power. I have always been in opposition to them and I rekindle that opposition today.Today, we stand in defiance to that attempt to bring back, under any guise the ignoble Chimaraoke Nnamani politcial dynasty and hegemony.We stand against it. I understand, my friend Ugwuanyi…. because it’s unlike him.

Ugwuanyi is a man that is synonymous with peace, whose governnace brought about peace, and that is what endeared me to him.

But for Ugwuanyi to midwife the comeback of this ‘gangsters’ is unacceptable to me. It’s unacceptable to majority of Enugu State. And I ask Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka why is Mbaka silent? I ask Nnia Nwodo to rise.The time has come for the true leaders of Enugu to rise and bring a stop to this nonsense.

Continuing, Agballah said, “I stand here as a midwife of the new order, the new Enugu State we want, and the new order has no place for Chimaroke…This is not the Enugu we want and we are going to campaign. And these are the issues that will rule this campaign. They are asking me to talk, Ugo Agballah will talk. And I will release information to the people of Enugu State.I will release information on why they want a comeback. Of why this ignoble group want to takeover the economy of Enugu State, to pay back a debt of N40bn. It will not happen. Enugu State coffers will not be used to pay back anybody’s debt.I have been silent, watching them, but I’ll be silent no more.I call on the people of Enugu to rise. If you don’t rise now, your freedom is at stake.

From 1999 to 2007 Enugu was not safe. Enugu was a bieseiged state, a ‘terrorist’ state; we can’t allow terrorism back again.I call on every Enugu citizen to stand up and identify with APC. Only APC can put a stop to this nonsense. APGA cannot. NNPP cannot. It’s only APC, because it has Ugo Agballah as the party Chairman. And I can treat their f*ck-up.

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