Between 1999 to 2007, the star governors then were Donald Duke of Cross River, Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu, even though Ibori would be later jailed, he had more projects to himself than the so called Jagaban. Ibori practically changed the face of his own town like what Oshiomhole and Ambode did to Iyahmo and Epe respectively.

Then, Yaradua of Katsina and Markafi of Kaduna, although he struggled because of sharia and the Kaduna crisis which left a major dent on his administration. Lagos was never celebrated in governance until Fashola became governor in 2007.

I remember clearly the fight Tinubu had with Obasanjo about local government creation, that was the major reason Lagos was on the news then, apart for obvious reasons as Nigeria’s economic capital, there was nothing spectacular in Lagos governance then apart from the filths and dirts that littered the former pride of the nation. There was nothing exciting about Tinubu’s leadership except his meticulous politics. He was a last man standing of the AD governors of the Southwest region then. We still remember how Tinubu was changing his deputies like sidechicks. There was one Bucknor then and another Femi Pedro, they all fell out with Tinubu.

We remember clearly how Tinubu almost never wanted Fashola to complete his term but Fashola being a system man, managed to, unlike Ambode who, although being very good as a leader didn’t know how to manage power. Tinubu, typical of most governors in his sets; 1999-2007, was mediocre like Lucky Igbinedion, Diepreye Alamiesiegha of Bayelsa, Joshua Dariye of Plateau, etc.

It is sad how people want to re-write history before our eyes. How would someone attribute the Lagos success story to Tinubu, it is very painful to read that sometimes. Lagos was already Lagos before Tinubu was born. You can go and verify this. You guys should show a mega project attributed to Tinubu. One he started and completed like the Tinapa of Calabar, that was initiated and completed by Donald Duke as Cross River State Governor. What of the 10 lanes road constructed by Peter Obi’s government 10 years ago that is still standing or the Akpabio’s miracle of Akwa-Ibom or the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge by Fashola or Wike’s flyovers.

You can’t point at any, you can only say he built men. How? As per their father? or by using undemocratic means to install stooges, who by their conscience chose to be men as expected. It is very sad that I can’t respond to comments here because Facebook has restricted my account but truth be said, as a politician, Tinubu is astute but as a leader, he shouldn’t come near to power. He is just not what we want.

We cannot finish a Buhari and start with a Tinubu. This is my piece for today As far as Nigerians are concerned, its only Peter Gregory Obi that is a Contender for 2023 Presidential election as Emilokan and Otiku are pretenders who are out to fulfill a lifelong ambition with nothing to offer. Let’s wake up and shine our eyes.

Michael Ola Femi, a Political Analyst writes from Lagos

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