Following the issuance of a 7 days ultimatum by Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as ECOWAS Chairman to the Nigerien military junta to reinstate ousted President Bazoum or face “military action”, concerned Nigerians have warned him against sending Nigerian troops into Niger.

In her own comment, a Social media influencer known as NEFERTITI@firstladyship tweeted on her verified Twitter account, strongly advising against.

According to her, with foreign Super powers like Russia, China, France and US ready to arm both sides, the conflict shall be long drawn with Nigeria being flooded by a “deluge of refugees”

She tweeted:

“Avoid pro-military handles. Should Nigeria put boots on the ground in Niger, it will backfire. France, USA, Russia, China, & others are waiting to see what Nigeria will do. If I am the president of Nigeria, I will apply “economic sanctions” only.

Nigeria cannot afford to provoke a military strike. Those that staged a coup in Niger, they already consolidated their powers. It’ll be foolhardy to try to dislodge them now. Russia will arm Niger, America & the French will arm ECOWAS, then the region of West Africa will be up in flames. You do not need that. Reject the Proxy War being instigated in West Africa by the West. The only casualties here are Africans. Have you thought of the Refugee Crisis that will spill over from Niger?

Can Nigeria accommodate the influx of arms, refugees, & different militias? Learn from the fall of Libya. Libyans are the only casualties in that conflict.

Democracies are flawed, I get that! But they are still the best form of goverment, & you must protect it. Pan-Africanism is dead. What was once an idealism of the 50s & the 60s is no longer fashionable today. Bless the Julius Nyereres,’ the Thomas Sankaras,’ & the Patrice Lumumbas.’

The idea that was once Pan-Africanism is no more. What Africa must do is renegotiate their trade deals, strictly on their own terms. Stop stealing elections in Africa, allow the people to choose their leaders. Stop attending every mushroom summit in the West. Stay in Africa & govern the people.

Africa cannot develop with loans & grants, there are always conditions attached to those things. Fix your institutions, give Africans eductions & healthcare.

Above all, end the unholy corruption. To do these? Africa must end all forms of Xenophobia & ethnoreligious bigotry.

Only then will Africa survive the wave of looming uncertainties & instability, especially in the region of West Africa.”

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