The hope was Nigeria would gain economic and military strength to free Francophone Africans from French domination, never did the Black Race ever dream that Nigeria would lead the imperialist war to reclaim French neocolonies. Such an international embarrassment and betrayal of our forefathers that kicked off decolonization, from Ladipo Solanke to Herbert Macaulay, Zik of Africa etc.

However, Tinubu’s monumental betrayals started at home.The betrayal of Afenifere, Yoruba foremost collective, made one initially tie Tinubu’s DNA to his slave trading grandmother, Madam Tinubu, but those that disputed his lineage made us wonder whether he was from the Afroasiatic North, being Jagaban of Borgu, especially when he betrayed the Yoruba agenda and aligned with Northern Afro-Arabic interests. Though the current public opinion is that Tinubu is leading the recolonization of Niger for Western Powers approval of his shaky presidency, while betraying the North, there is more than what meets the eye in the story of President Tinubu and how with the backing of the Western Powers, he seized the Presidency of the Africa Giant, the true origin of humanity that includes the two most populous Indigenous African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, as well as largest Afroasiatic group, Hausa.The question is why has the USA been shielding the truth of Tinubu past in Chicago, withholding his FBI files. In addition to his unclear academic history in a Chicago University, how could someone have been employed by Mobil without background checks that should have revealed that he was involved in the Chicago drug trade, with the confiscation of over $400,000 of drug money in his account in a court case? Is there a possibility that having been caught and negotiated a plea bargain, he was whitewashed with employment, funded with corrupt stolen funds from Mobil and then introduced into the Nigerian political scene, first through MKO Abiola and ultimately through Afenifere that unknowingly gave him the Lagos governorship ticket.Despite Afenifere/NADECO fighting for the return of democracy, forming parties and winning Yorubaland in 1999, by the next elections they were all swept out of office with the miraculous exception of Tinubu, the Chicago Boy. Tinubu was spared to arrest the economic and political development of Yorubalands and the Black Race key citystate economy. Tinubu’s quest for absolute power led to his parting ways with Afenifere, the Yoruba collective that obviously has a wider reach to talent and experience, leaving him with a small circle of loyalists, including his wife as the senator of one of Yorubas important senatorial constituencies, Lagos Central.With his limited personal understanding and pool of technocrats, and most importantly, corruption to build a political fiefdom, Lagos and to a larger extent Yorubaland had their economic development arrested.

From Jakande, nearly twenty years before Tinubu became governor, it was agreed that Lagos needed a Metroline complex to move to the next level of development, but was sabotaged by Buhari and the military interregnum. On our return to democracy, Tinubu knew what was required but tokenism has taken him 24yrs to build a mere uncompleted 16km out of 160km of Metroline. Apart from the traffic that costs 20% loss in productivity annually, huge pollution and inconvenience to Lagosians that justified the need for a Metroline, railways are the globally recognized foundation of industrialization. Instead, Tinubu built an agbero system through which he drained multiple taxes to fund a political thuggery network. All Tinubu did was to increase taxes of the poor and reduce government responsibility.In addition to arresting the economic and political development of Yorubaland, Tinubu became a willing useful tool of the neocolonial guards by rigging the huge Lagos electorate to support Jonathan Goodluck and Muhammad Buhari into power at the center, while sustaining his grip on Lagos, with the hope that after Buhari it will be his turn, Emilokan.

However for nation building purposes based on cultural justice through the rotational presidency system, Afenifere and other South and Middlebelt sociopolitical organizations clamoured for an Igbo SE presidency since Yoruba Southwest through Obasanjo and South South region through Jonathan had had their turns. Interestingly, this was also the view shared by the powers that be, the neocolonial guards and Western Powers that wanted an orderly peaceful political system.Unfortunately, despite the support from 2019 of the powers for Peter Obi to be the next president, the rash of coups that led to France losing its West African neocolonies from 2021 changed the international geopolitical game plan. If the French were to use Nigeria to lead a counter attack against the Russia protected Sahel Muslim nations, it could only be done through a Muslim president, especially with a Muslim-Muslim ticket with no trace of Christianity. Therefore the French implored the USA/UK to drop their backing of the popular choice Peter Obi for an obviously politically tainted Bola Tinubu and terrorism linked Vice President. Moreover, it is doubtful that Peter Obi, known to be highly principled and from the Igbo tribe labelled by Europeans since slavery days to be revolutionary, would agree full hearted to work as a counter revolutionary agent against the Francophone Sahel nations. Rigged into presidency, Tinubu had no such scruples having arrested his own Yoruba economic and political development for 24yrs.

Right from day one, since he owed voters no loyalty, President Bola Tinubu launched his imperialistic agenda, home and abroad. Neglecting his manifesto written by those who truly believed that he had good intentions, he claimed that while making his inaugural speech a spirit of courage possessed him on the podium, and led him to strike two fatal economic blows to Africa’s largest economy, with the complete withdrawal of subsidies and government support of the Naira value. Echoing our foreign Masters voice, he claimed $10b fuel subsidy was too much for our $500b economy and 200 million plus Black people. He went ahead with the devastating policies regardless of the fact that over 60% of our raw materials and 100% of petrol were imported, which would further drive down the Naira value and create runaway inflation.

Tinubu has overlooked the fact that UK, France and USA spent trillions in Middle Eastern wars and diplomacy to keep their own petrol prices down. Nor does he know that when UKs Margaret Thatcher tried to let the pound float, it was crashed by currency speculators. China is accused by the West of unfairly propping up it’s currency, even though the USA uses it’s military and economic might to stabilize the dollar with a flexible band. Having sabotaged the great economic hope that Nigeria was to the Black Race, he moved to destroy our reputation as the great Black political hope earned from our backing of liberation movements from Ghanas Nkrumah to the South African liberation movement against apartheid governments.

The early 1900s Black Internationalist students that started African liberation movements had been divided into two major camps – the London group that pushed for political freedom and the Paris group that pushed for cultural liberation, Negritude. The Paris group was composed of French colonials and other Romance speaking colonials like those of Portuguese and Spanish. The Romance peoples of Western Europe that were under Afro-Arabic rule all the way to Paris for five hundred years (750-1270AD), adopted the sublime Arab racism that disguised it as a cultural issue, claiming it was not about the skin color but inferior African culture that had to be eradicated. So the French and Portuguese practiced a type of ‘benevolent’ racism labelled a racial democracy. The Africans could be partially accepted as French if they act completely French. So the likes of Senghor, Toure and Nascimento pushed for cultural revolution.

At independence, France’s Charles De Gaulle enacted a earth scorching policy that forcefully tied the African nations to it’s apron strings, otherwise they destroyed all the economic infrastructure as they did in Guinea. This type of policies were used in 1820s to recolonize Haiti, the first modern Black nation state, whereby they charged a huge colonial repayment cost that couldn’t be settled for centuries. They ensured that only those approved by the French would be allowed on the political stage. Using Felix Houphouet Boigny of Ivory Coast, they broke French West African Federation into small weak nations, governed by puppet presidents that ruled for life. They brutally crushed all resistance to French recolonization, killing Togo’s President Sylvanus Olympio for the Eyadema clan that has ruled for 60yrs, invading Ivory Coast to replace populist president Gbagbo with Quattara currently seeking an unconstitutional third term.

As previously stated, it was thought that only Nigeria could challenge French African colonization, as past presidents like Chief Obasanjo had complained that the French were the impediment to West African economic development that the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) had been created to address. Unfortunately, Tinubu has turned the economic community into a military outfit to recapture essentially French slaves since anyway he had destroyed the economic life of ECOWAS that was the Nigerian economy.Nigeria and Africa as a whole is made up of two civilizations – Original African and Afroasiatic civilizations.

Just as Tinubu betrayed the Yoruba collective, and promoted hatred between Yoruba and Igbo, the two most populous and prosperous Indigenous groups of the Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa Original African civilizations, Tinubu is betraying the Northern Afroasiatic powerbase that backed him into power, by launching a war within and against their Afro-Arabic Islamic civilization, obviously for his ultimate Western backers. He can’t see that a war with Niger Republic and it’s Hausa majority will greatly destabilize the Sahel region as he exhumes the Fulani-Hausa battle.When the Fulani from Senegambia invaded and overwhelmed Hausaland, Hausa aristocracy fled to what is now Niger, where their resistance simmered since the Fulani only held sway in Nigeria. Tinubu’s attack from a Fulani subjugated Hausaland against the Hausa majority in Niger, will end up in uniting the Hausa which will have immense ramifications even for the continued unity of Nigeria. Also, it is very possible that Russia and other backers of Niger could fuel other separatist aspirations in the South through Odua/Biafra separatists.As it is the rest of the Black and Arabic world are pitted against Tinubu and his imperialist backers. Though Tinubu is trying to hide behind ECOWAS, it is obvious that Nigeria is the economic and military backbone of ECOWAS.

Ordinarily, it should be a walkover if Nigeria was to fight against the Niger and even the ECOWAS, but apart from the threat of Russian involvement and a geopolitical proxy war, there is Algeria Niger’s Northern neighbor that is supporting Niger. Algeria is the 2nd most powerful African army with several times more equipment and defense budget that would easily sway the war to Niger Republics favor.

Just like the excessively violent French regime in Haiti led to the revolution and beginning of the end of transatlantic slavery, once again 250yrs Oya cycle later, French and other Western inspired terrorists agitated West African armies against their puppet presidents. Though the Sahel coups were to preserve the lives of the soldiers, they have included the aspirations of the people to end French neo-colonization. Tinubu is an embarrassment to Nigeria for leading the imperialist war and he is bound to ignite a chain events that will forever change the Black Race through war, anarchy and political and cultural revolutions over the next twenty years.

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