It is the height of political irresponsibility to use ethnicity, religion or spirituality in politics as seen with Tinubu’s APC. It started with Muslim-Muslim ticket to exclude the Middle Belt peoples. Then advanced to fake Bishops to fool Christians.

The ultimate sacrifice was the sacrifice of Lagosians to Oro.Yoruba culture is deep with dual ramifications in the physical as well as spiritual realms.

On the physical realm, the Oro rites were to scare away Igbos and other immigrants, a voter suppression act to be challenged in courts,

However, it was invoked to have far reaching devastating spiritual effects. One that might end in the death and displacement of millions of innocent people, and ultimately risking the recolonization of Lagos. That’s how far Tinubu is willing to sacrifice for his personal ambitions.

Oro is a kind of collective exorcism. A socially beneficiary cleansing rite to rid the host of bad spirits. Catholics and other Christians, as well as Muslims excorise bad spirits. However, this particular Oro rite was aimed at ethnic cleansing for selfish political motives. With the Presidential election lost, but shabbily rigged, knowing it couldn’t stand judicial scrutiny, Tinubu launched the most diabolical political scheme in human history.

The plan was to ultimately provoke ethnic cleansing if nullified, blaming it on Igbos and push for Odua nation if all failed. Immediately after the faked presidential results were announced, Tinubu’s APC launched a vile propaganda to turn the Yoruba collective comsciousness against Igbos, and assembled armed thugs at Alausa.

It was public knowledge that there was to be spiritual warfare from the 14th to 17th, as published on https://astrologyking.com/march-14-to-17-2023-spiritual-warfare/. This spiritual war was to include Olokun (Neptune) for propaganda/consciousness/leadership, Esu (Mercury) for information, Orunmila (Sun) for Ifa and religious beliefs on one side attacked by Ogun (Mars) for brute force. This was what the Tinubu’s APC Oro was supposed to invoke.

However, since it takes two to tangle, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV) thwarted the plan. A coalition of Yoruba self determination groups had vouched their support to protect everyone of the 13,250 polling booths, being partners in the quest to free Yorubaland from the stranglehold of one man for the last 24yrs.

At the last minute, GRV backed off and told them to step down. A whole lot of groups were disappointed and believed he had been bewitched since it was unthinkable, to go to an election without local security. But the logic was that if they had been unleashed, the clashes would have resulted in hundreds of deaths, which Tinubu would have painted as an Igbo attack to enable his planned ethnic cleansing of Igbos.

It would have been a case of two fighting and if you wrestle with a pig, people won’t know the difference. So the whole world saw clearly Tinubu’s unprovoked attacks.Its become more obvious that it was far more than the governorship contest, because even after the elections, APC has ramped up the tribal hate speeches exponentially.

Why? Despite the fact that Peter Obi was majorly a Yoruba candidate advanced by Afenifere and the likes of Obasanjo based on equity and justice of rotational presidency, Tinubu’s propaganda machine paints it as Igbo imperialism. The propaganda became ridiculous as his own ‘Lagos is no man’s land policy’ of the last 24yrs, called Gedegbe L’Eko Wa in Yoruba, was blamed on Igbos.

A policy that made Lagos distance itself from Amotekun, Odua republic or any Yoruba collective agenda. The aim of the anti-Igbo rhetoric and scaremongering that Igbos want to take over Lagos, is to agitate Yorubas to a point that when the courts see the obvious rigging and cancel his stolen mandate, he would provoke ethnic cleansing across Yorubaland.

Ultimately, he will call for Odua Republic, if he can’t rule Nigeria, he would settle for Odua presidency.For Tinubu’s political ambitions, he doesn’t mind destroying Lagos prosperity by scaring away investors and labor.

However, he overlooks the fact that the Western Powers, the largest investors in Lagos, also have designs to take Lagos. Their plan would be to exaggerate the deaths and send in peacekeeping troops that would take over Lagos administration and be here for at least 20yrs during which we would be charged 25% of Lagos revenue, like previously done in Haiti and other Black nations.

We can’t “siddon look” while one man destroys our collective destiny. Even though some believe his Ogun (brutal force) will rust like Iron in seawater (Olokun), its being vouched that self determination groups like OPC rise to keep the peace in Lagos to prevent ethnic cleansing and millions of deaths, and the chance of foreign peacekeeping troops pushing humanitarian militarism and imperialism. The self determination groups have threaten to rout Tinubu’s thugs all the way back to Bourdillion, if he goes ahead. If Gbadebo was conscientiously reluctant to engage in the spiritual and physical war for his governorship bid, as a true son of Lagos, he can’t look on while millions of innocent Lagosians are sacrificed on the political altar of an ethnic cleansing Oro for Iragbiji ambitions in Lagos!

The problem is that the Oro has been unleashed like a genie in the bottle, and it might be too late too little to prevent an Apocalypse in Yorubaland. All for the ambition of one man

Prince Justice Faloye is President, ASHE Foundation and writes from Lagos

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