By Fred Chukwuelobe

As Cuban Chief Priest goes on trial, the war on spraying of Naira notes must be sustained and won. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, if you can hear me, hear me now. Please go ahead with full force on this current war against the spraying of Naira notes.Fight it as much as you can.Jail everybody who engages in it.

For a long time, that nonsense has been going on.It has made our young ones have the least regards for money and how it is made. It has cheapened our currency against foreign ones. Each time I place the Naira side-by-side the GBP, the USD or the Euro, I feel ashamed that the Naira pales into insignificance in value and in appearance – very dirty and of the least value.

As my friend and brother, Dr. George Obikili asked in one of the platforms where the issue was being discussed, “is spraying the money cultural?”The answer is a resounding no! It has no cultural significance nor value. Nobody can say when the madness started and how it seeped deeply into our social life that people now no longer spray the notes but throw them in bundles.

I have been told our forefathers sprayed “ego ayo,” but that was long ago, if indeed it happened. Paper currency or polimar notes are not the same for obvious reasons.People have gotten tired of spraying the Naira.

They now spray the USD. And unashamedly, too.I must admit, many of us have been involved in doing this. But I did it with great pain in my heart each time I was forced to spray ‘to belong or to please the celebrant or the host.’

Looters freely spray the notes; criminals do it with reckless abandon; prostitutes and club girls now go to clubs to pick the notes as a means of livelihood. Yahoo Yahoo boys now use it as a show of strength as to who duped the biggest mugu. They use it as ‘a thanksgiving’ of sorts to thank their spirit for the prowess in obtaining money by false pretence. It has cheapened our currency. It has cheapened us. The Naira has not only become cheap but also dirty.

Hardly can you see Naira notes that are clean. In fact, the notes are sources of infection because they are trampled on, dance on, picked, and squeezed like a toilet paper used to clean sh*t.Bankers have become rich by selling mint to hawkers. Hardly will you see new Naira notes in the banks, but you’d see them being hawked at event centers.

This has been long in the coming. The fight should have started long ago.I plead with judges not to give any offender the option of fine. If they can throw Naira bundles and spray them, they can easily afford to pay the option of fine.

Idris Okunneye popularly known as Bobrisky, the cross dresser, is already in jail for it. He’d cool off for six months and more people need to join him.Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu popularly known as Cuban Chief Priest is going on trial today. He needs to join Bobrisky so that his fat tummy and his awkward walking style can be trimmed and he would behave better. He is one of the most guilty.

He should be made an example of. Him and his gang carry the notes in boxes and throw them about as if they’re easy to make.President Tinubu, please don’t stop. Fight on! Extend it to politicians who hide under immunity to throw the notes like Governor Bago of Niger State did recently. Rather than spray the notes, give them in envelopes to the celebrant or your host.

Fight on, Mr. President!

Fred Chukwuelobe is a Lagos-based media and public affairs analyst.

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