Written by Tony Nnadi from the Perspective of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, NINAS, January 3, 2022

.(1) At a time the rest of Nigeria is vigorously debating the urgency of addressing the Damaged and Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Basis of Nigeria ahead of any further National Elections, and amidst the trenchant Demand for the immediate Fundamental Reconfiguration of the Master-Servant Union of Death that Nigeria has become for most of its Constituent Components, it is a Tragedy of Monumental Proportions that People Parading themselves as Igbo Thought-Leaders are still wallowing in the mundane and most nauseating Debate about how Igbo must take it’s turn at the Presidency of the Decomposing Nigerian Federation.(2) When I received an invitation to the so-called “Awka Grand Political Dialogue”, I raced through its contents in the misplaced hope of finding a better proposition than those that had been bandied around over the years by these group of Conveners. Lo and behold,, it was the same lame, jaded and beggarly arguments about the inequity of excluding the Igbo from the Presidency of Nigeria at a time a Remedy called “SELF-DETERMINATION” is being pursued as of Right by the Igbo and other Ethnic Nationalities whose SOVEREIGNTIES are Currently Trapped in, and Confiscated by the Caliphate SUZERAINTY operating the Unitary Carcass of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria.(3) That Remedy of Self-Determination is INALIENABLE, whether within the Context of a Return to Pre-1966 Regional Autonomy-Level in Nigeria or the emergence of Independent Units of Successor-State Entities, as may be dictated by the outcome of Regional Self-Determination Referendums indicated in the Five-Point Proposition of the December 16, 2020 NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation. This Remedy restores the Sovereignty of the Igbo (and other Constituent Components of Nigeria), and does not depend on kneeling or prostrating for anybody in Abuja, Sokoto, Ibadan or anywhere else whereas the Igbo Presidency gambit being canvassed by the Conveners of the Awka Grand Political Dialogue depends entirely on the whims and discretion of a vicious and implacable enemy.(4) The Main Basis upon which that Self-Determination Remedy is being pursued by the Peoples of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, cooperating in an Alliance called “the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination” (NINAS), is the ILLEGITIMACY of the so-called ‘1999 Constitution’ being that the authorship of that Constitution was FRAUDULENTLY imputed to “WE THE PEOPLES OF NIGERIA” (ie Constituent Components of Nigeria).(5) It is noteworthy that all the lamentations of Igboland in Post-War Nigeria, including Political Exclusion, Infrastructural Degradation, Economic Strangulation, Atrocious Quota System Regime and a wide range of other forms of Marginalization, flow directly from the Unitary Constitutional Arrangement imposed on Nigeria since 1979 by the Caliphate-Led Alliance of 1967, (which styles itself “the Federal Government of Nigeria”), as the Victory Charter from the 1967-1970 War of Genocide against the Eastern Region which in a desperate Self-Preservation bid, declared itself “Republic of Biafra” May 30, 1967, after one year of targeted Mass Pogroms that began July 29, 1966 and especially following the abandonment of the Agreement reached in Aburi, January 1967 to resolve the Nigerian Union Crisis. (6) From the Foregoing, it should by now be clear to all that the Grave Constitutional Grievances of the Igbo in Nigeria are fueled by the INIQUITOUS IMPOSED UNITARY CONSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS and so, it must by now be also beyond question, (especially amongst the Igbo), that the Solution to the Igbo Misery in Nigeria lies in the wholesale Dismantling of the current imposed Constitutional Structures that operate like Shackles and Manacles against the Igbo; and not in the Igbo taking a turn at the Presidency of Nigeria under the same Constitution embodying Igbo Damnation. (7) At a time when the Countrywide Consensus against the 1999 Constitution is already building up to the threshold of shutting off the possibility of a further round of National Elections in 2023 under that Constitution, in a setting that puts forth, a Firm Framework and Determinable Timeframe for the Orderly Decommissioning of the 1999 Constitution, it is inconceivable that any group of Igbo Thought-Leaders would be summoning the kind of Political Jamboree that the ‘Awka Grand Political Dialogue’ represents, to brainstorm and strategize on the totally meaningless pursuit of Igbo Presidency. (8) At a time the Push towards a Comprehensive Victory over the 1999 Constitution and it’s Caliphate Proprietors, has been narrowed down to only One Main Task, namely : Halting the Doomed Voyage to the 2023 Electoral Round, the proposed Awka gathering of January 4, 2022 is the worst kind of disservice anyone can do to the Igboland that is already bleeding profusely from the equally meaningless “Biafra Restoration” Campaign anchored on Ignorance, Lies, Propaganda and Violence, even as the 1967 Caliphate-Led Alliance, already defeated by the NINAS Alliance, is struggling desperately to Railroad the Rest of Nigeria to another Round of National Elections in 2023, as the only viable Strategy left for that Caliphate to avoid the Comprehensive Defeat staring it in the face. (9) A Review of the December 2021 Arise TV interview (see link : https://youtu.be/QInLtdV4tG0 ), in which Hakeem Baba Ahmed, a notorious arrowhead of the irredentist Fulani Think-Tank called ‘Northern Elders Forum’ was in some hollow but disingenuous sophistry, hoisting the 2023 Election as a Life-Saving Necessity for all Nigerians, will show this Caliphate desperation, veiled in doses of blackmail, threatening Igbo Assets in Abuja and elsewhere in the North and reminding the Niger-Delta of diminishing importance of Oil and Gas. (10) To compound matters, the Conveners of the January 4, 2022 Awka Political Dialogue which listed as its collaborators, Afenifere Group; Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE); Middle-Belf Forum, Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF); Igbo World Assembly (IWA) and also wants to launch what it calls “Power Shift Movement” and the “Nigerian Youth Ballot Movement”, which openly targets the largely ill-informed Younger Generation with the tantalizing sub-theme of “Powering 2023 Youth Ballot Revolution”. (11) This is particularly evil because it means taking advantage of the Younger Generation which for no fault of theirs, do not understand the Central Role of Nigeria’s Imposed Unitary Constitutional Order, to the Dysfunctional Nigeria they live in, the Debilitating and Dangerous Nigeria they constantly seek Escape from and the Ongoing Mortgaging of their Future by the Caliphate Operators of Nigeria. This Younger Generation is by this dubious “Youth Ballot Revolution” Campaign being hauled by a wicked self-seeking older Generation into the 2023 Electoral Train. (12) For the avoidance of doubt, this Open Memorandum is addressed to the Conveners of the Awka Grand Political Dialogue who described themselves as “Co-Hosts”, namely, the Igbo World Assembly (IWA) and the Anthony Ejiofor/Basil Onwukwe faction of the World Igbo Congress (WIC) which in 2021, placed an Advertorial in the Guardian Newspaper of Nigeria, Hailing the so-called Eastern Security Network (ESN) floated by the Rogue Biafra Franchise. The Memo is addressed to the Invited Guests many of whom are actively involved in the more urgent Campaign for the IMMEDIATE Fundamental Reconfiguration of the Damaged Constitutional Basis of Nigeria ahead of any further National Elections in Nigeria.(13) To the Guests, especially from other parts of Nigeria, invited to Awka to Strategize for How an Igbo President of Nigeria can emerge in 2023, may I request you to ask your Igbo Hosts whether the Igbo Paramount Concern and Pursuit at this time is for how one Igbo Person will become President Nigeria or for how the Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Basis of Nigeria could be Reconstructed in Self-Determination for all. (14) If any of them tries to suggest that both undertakings can be pursued simultaneously, then tell such a person that Tony Nnadi says that he or she is being dishonest and that the role they are playing now is tantamount to aiding the Enemy in a War Against their Own People. (15) As for the Igbo Conferees heading out to participate in the so-called “Awka Grand Political Dialogue”, let it be clearly understood that the Igbo Presidency Undertaking at this time is like Igbo Chasing Rats while the Igbo House is on Fire.Tony NnadiJanuary 3, 2022

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