Lagos: A special needs boy, Kelvin, lost his life on Tuesday, at Tona Street, Ikeja, Lagos State, after mistakenly drinking a bottle of kerosene.

The deceased who was said to have been abandoned by his parents usually helps a woman, Augusta, in her pub in order to earn money for his upkeep due to lack of parental care, adding that the effect of the kerosene he allegedly consumed killed him.

Johnson said, “The boy had special needs; it was when I got to the shop this morning (Wednesday) that I heard that he had died. But there is a woman, who owns a pub in the area and always takes care of children.

“This woman didn’t employ the boy (Kelvin) to work for him, but because his parents were not taking care of him, at times he used to assist the woman when her workers were not around.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), he saw a bottle with the content being kerosene, and he drank the kerosene. When people got to know, they quickly gave him palm oil and took care of him. He later stood up and was bathed.

Johnson, however, said Kelvin’s condition worsened the following day till he died, adding that people in the area had been blaming Augusta for his death.


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