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The family of the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has restated its position on the counter order to suspend the sit-at-home order of the pro-Biafra group earlier pronounced. The brother of the leader of IPOB, Emmanuel Kanu, in defending his elder brother Kanunta who gave the counter order, said he (Kanunta) acted based on instructions from above. “There was an instruction passed to Chika Edoziem, in charge of the Directorate of State (DOS) through IPOB lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejimofor concerning the sit-at-home order, that it should be suspended for reasons meant to be beneficial to our people.

“We’re yet to know why Edoziem could not carry out the instruction. Why did he not do it? In fact, it was that which he couldn’t do that Kanunta did”. He said the family is grateful to what the leadership of IPOB is doing since the arrest of their leader, but calls for more understanding and circumspect in handling certain issues. He said the family’s position on the sit-at-home order doesn’t translate to abandoning one of IPOB’s strategies in actualizing the struggle, but a way of giving Biafrans a sense of belonging. “We felt by the attempt to adjust the sit-at-home order, the family was not undermining IPOB ideals, but trying not to play our already marginalized people especially our children into the hands of our enemy, we needed to give them sense of belonging, particularly our children taking exams”. The struggle is a collective one and we appreciate what everybody is doing to make Biafra a success, adding that it is always instructive for all to work according to instructions. Emmanuel said IPOB would continue to be stronger by the day to face the challenges ahead, while wishing it’s leadership the wisdom to continue to pilot it’s affairs. “We love everybody since nobody is perfect, we call for more understanding and work in unison to achieve the common goal of actualizing Biafra and liberating our people from the shackles of the oppressors”.

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