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Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD
Odogwu of Ibusa & Combatant Political Historian
Research Fellow@Exile, Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
International Coordinator, Nigerian Diaspora Council for Defence of Democracy (NDCDD)
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I make the following statements of fact against Prof Mamoud (Mahmood) Yakubu the current Chairman of Nigeria’s Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and an alumnus of Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, in pursuance to the codes of conduct guiding the alumni of both universities, deemed the most prestigious in the United Kingdom by most Nigerian citizens; bearing in mind that the British Government willingly committed the sum of five million pounds sterling of British tax payers money in support of the conduct of the now most discredited General Elections in Nigeria’s democratic history under the condemnable leadership of Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu; and accordingly request an urgent investigation in order to save the outstanding image of both prestigious institutions of higher learning which, Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu brandishes as his license and cover to commit heinous electoral crimes in the last February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections.

I might not be in agreement with Walter Rodney’s thesis of how “Europe under-developed Africa’, but I am definitely in love with the title of the book. It reminds me of how Great Britain uses certified Islamists and their Muslim Fulani vanguard to under-develop the Nigerian nation through heinous collaborations with the latter to undermine the chances of those who possess the intellectual and political abilities to put Nigeria on the thoroughfare of positive political and socio-economic developments. 

The current Chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu— a Fulani and the son of immigrant political thug from Republic of Cameroon represents a perfect index of how Britain has been under-developing Nigeria through her heinous conspiracy with the Fulani of Sokoto Caliphate against those divinely imbued with superior knowledge to positively develop the nation. 

Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu appears to be the worst product of Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to ever preside over sensitive political institutions in Nigeria. I need not speak about the intellectual qualities of the graduates of Usumanu dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto where he was purportedly awarded a first class honors degree in History; because as far as the quality assessments of Nigerian universities are concerned, a first class honors degree from Usumanu dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto is equivalent to a third class degree from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where I received all my three degrees. 

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka by tradition could under-mark a high-performing student for punitive or related reasons, especially if such a student belongs to the class of student activists; but definitely not to over-score an intellectual homunculus like Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu to the extent of awarding him a first class honors degree in a discipline like History. 

Most notable is that University of Nigeria Nsukka does not award honors degrees only on the basis of academic performance. Degrees are awarded based jointly on learning and character. I don’t think the three degrees awarded Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu respectively by Usumanu dan Fodiyo, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities were based on both character and learning, especially for a man coming from a society where measurement of one’s intelligence and ability to serve the nation is based on quota system founded on Fulani ethno-Islamic affiliation, as attested by his disgraceful and disastrous performance as Chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC). 

Putting Usumanu dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto aside, a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge Universities with the conscious knowledge of what integrity stands for and who is mindful of the global sublime intellectual status of both institutions of higher learning, if not leprously irresponsible, should have resigned his appointment as Chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) on the first shot of his calamitous failure.

Indeed Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s experience is the perfect expression of the saying that the hood does not make the Monk. Beyond the throwing up and down of his Babanriga left, right and center, which even beggars in his society adorn, there seems to be nothing first class honors or Oxbridge alumnus about him in both learning and character.

In fact it should have been tolerable and less disgraceful if Usumanu dan Fodiyo University had awarded a third class honors degree to Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu and the academic world will be compelled to judge him so, than produce a third class degree material in the garb of a first class dishonored degree.

A closer look at Quota Mamoud Yakubu’s antecedents in public service reveals an incurable and impregnable  syndrome of pathological dishonesty, prodigal moral licentiousness and, cancerous piggish arrogance clothed in iniquitous homunculus intellectual showmanship all of which are symptomatic of the tragedy of a historian without a sense of history. This is the same man somebody referred to as one of the best brains in Northern Nigeria, an assessment which curiously eulogizes the tragic intellectual backwardness of where he was coming from. 

Therefore, it was insulting to Nigerians for the same Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu to threaten somebody with legal action for undermining his integrity. The question is which integrity? Has Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu any modicum of integrity as he stands today in Nigeria? 

I remember Professors Uchenna Anyanwu and Egodi Uchendu of the Department of History and International Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka requesting my support to help them talk to the then Vice Chancellor Prof Bartho Okolo, since they were not courageous enough to talk to him directly, to release the sum of 15 million naira grant for the purchase of a Toyoto Hiace Hummer Mini-bus granted to the Department by Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu under the auspices of TETFUND then its Executive Secretary. 

When I met the Vice Chancellor, he openly informed me that the said grant was only on paper with no process of accessing the fund. When I later investigated the status of the grant at TETFUND office, Abuja, I discovered that the said money had been diverted to a private account with no assigned heading, ostensibly belonging to one of Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s numerous girlfriends. This is the same man talking about integrity. “Abi, dis wan no bi scam?”

Indeed, if his postgraduate studies at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with Bauchi State Government quota scholarship were intended to improve these leprous intellectual and moral deficiencies in him, they instead exposed him to the status of public mockery as it stands today, by his role as INEC Chairman. One thing is for a person to pass through a University and another is for the same University to pass through the person. Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu passed through Universities of Oxford and Cambridge but both Universities did not pass through him. 
How can a so-called product of Oxford and Cambridge Universities proudly preside over a national public service institution tainted with unimaginable dishonesty, callous abuse of diligent responsibilities and impudent disobedience of regulations made by it and orders of competent law courts and laws relating to his roles as Chairman, as provided by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Can someone imagine an alumnus of Oxford and Cambridge Universities appointed an electoral umpire of his nation awarding the contract for the production of sensitive electoral materials to one of the political parties? Can someone imagine an Oxford and Cambridge Universities alumnus appointed the electoral umpire of his nation awarding the contract for the distribution of sensitive electoral materials on the day of the election to a prominent member of one of the political parties contesting the same election? Nigerians want to know if this impunity represents one of the core values of Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu informed Nigerians that he had removed all the underage voters in Sharia States of Islamic Northern Nigeria criminally issued PVCs by his office, from the INEC voters list. Yet the same under age voters came out to vote in the last Presidential and National Assembly elections with the active connivance of his office and officers of Nigeria Police.

Where is Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s integrity in the scheme of this naked act of electoral criminality under his glaring watch? Where is integrity there? Or is Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu telling Nigerians that one of the core values of Oxford and Cambridge Universities is imperious sense of dishonesty?

Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu—a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, United Kingdom informed Nigerians that the February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly election results would be uploaded real time on the server. Let him tell Nigerians why the same server uploaded the results of National Assembly elections in real time conducted at the same time with the Presidential election but failed to completely upload the latter up till this day being March 18, 2023? Could this be called the moral wonders of Oxford and Cambridge Universities?

 Nigerians are asking if Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s lack of integrity in the discharge of his roles as Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is in line with the core values of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Or could it be said that the Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s disgusting incongruous intellectual and moral carriages were in tandem with Britain’s scheme of under-developing Nigeria through the creation of addle-brained intellectuals among Nigerian Islamists and Fulani jihadists? In other words, is Nigeria the case of a Mercedes Benz limousine body fitted with the engine of a Tortoise car (Volkswagen Beetle)? 

While Nigerians have nothing to do with a first class honors degree in History awarded by Usunanu dan Fodiyo University from the Palace of the Sultan of Sokoto, Nigerians are worried by the contemptuous carriage and criminality of someone parading Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy degrees awarded respectively by Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
Nigerians therefore want Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to tell them if Quota Prof Mamoud Yakubu’s appointment as a Professor with spurious and unrelated publications and his alleged expertise in Guerrilla warfare, Terrorism and Anti-terrorism are based on their celebrated academic standards and core values. Take for instance his three mainline books which are supposed to fundamentally define his core academic areas of specialization; none of them allies with the alleged areas specialization.

A.M. Yakubu (1996), an Aristocracy in Political Crisis: The End of Indirect Rule and the Emergence of Party Politics in the Emirates of Northern Nigeria, Aldershot: Avebury for the University of Warwick, “The Making of Modern Africa” Series.

A.M. Yakubu, Sa’adu Zungur: An Anthology of His Social and Political Writings, Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd.

A.M. Yakubu and M.M. Jumare, (1997), Abdurrahman Mora: The Life and Legacy of a Great Teacher, Kaduna: Baraka Press 1997

These are the books that made Prof Mamoud Yakubu an expert in Guerilla warfare, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism. Is this not a glaring act of intellectual dishonesty and scam? These are his mainline journal articles: 

“Coercing old Guard Emirs in Northern Nigeria: The Abdication of the Yakubu III of Bauchi 1954” African Affairs Vol. 92 No. 369 Oct. 1993, UK, pp593-604

“The Abdication of Yakubu III: A Reply” African Affairs Vol. 94 No.376, UK, July, 1995 pp407-409

Emirs and Soldiers: The Response of the Emirate Aristocracies of Northern Nigeria to the Coup d’état of 1966” Journal of the Arewa House Kaduna, Vol1. No.1 

“Exploiting Administrative Indecision: The Succession of Mohammadu Sanusi to the Emirship of Kano Emirate (Northern Nigeria) 1953” FAIS Journal of Humanities, Bayero University Kano, Vol1. No.1 

Even the three review articles on which he predicated his fictitious claim of expertise in Guerrilla warfare and Terrorism and Counter-terrorism which were all on “Gulf War” were self-published by his Departmental journal: “Defence Studies” and thus lack the requisite academic reference qualities:

 “Airpower in the Gulf War:  A Comment” Defence Studies Vol5. No.5 (July 1995), pp.119-124

“Land Power in the Gulf War:  An Observation’’ Defence Studies Vol6. No.1, pp.128-132

“Sea Power in the Gulf War: An Overview” Defence Studies Vol. 7 July 1997

Nigerians are therefore appealing to the Alumni Relations offices of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, to urgently carry out surgical investigations into Quota Mamoud Yakubu’s acts of intellectual dishonesty, moral bankruptcy, impetuous corruption and imperious leprous carriage relating to his present scandalous criminal roles as Chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) in the conduct of the February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections and the on-going State Governorship and Assembly elections, particularly in Lagos State where the INEC allowed armed thugs to attack and prevent non-Yoruba residents from casting their votes. 

Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe, PhD, this day, Saturday March 18, 2023

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