Prominent Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has taken his campaign to mobilize support for the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, popularly known as Jagaban to a new level following the launch of his Pro Tinubu online campaign- #Relax, Jagaban will fix Nigeria

In a viral post on his verified Instagram account @yuledochie, where he posed alongside his second wife, Judy, the self styled “Best Voice in Nollywood” said:

“No matter the situation, no matter the struggles, all will be well with Nigeria.

His Excellency @officialasiwajubat is a master strategist.

He knows exactly what he is doing

We pin here. No leave no transfer

Jagaban will fix Nigeria”

However, he received knocks from netizens


“When you were with May, when you post pictures you wrote captions like “Thank God for my beautiful wife. Me and my sweetheart. Life is sweet”

But ever since you got attached to Judy, you are always fighting battles.

Your pictures come with captions like

“King of warriors, King of battle axe, head of principalities and powers”


“Even Commissioner for Polygamy, you no see”


“The name she calls you when you’re naked is what you used to start a business. Hmmmmmmmm”


“He should fix his certificate first. We relax de wait”


“Yesooooo! Congratulations to you. Tinubu will fix Nigeria then after his tenure he will directly hand over to you without conducting an election again. NDI UCHU”


“How much they pay you to do all these, sometimes I wonder if na really Pete born you”

However, some had kind words for him


“U people won’t stop hate? I love these two just as I do love May. God bless them all”


“My people, my darlings”

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