Is the technology that makes it very simple for news houses to quickly geo-locate images and videos so expensive that the Nigerian government cannot acquire same?

How does our President sleep seeing these videos of our citizens being flogged, even harder than cows would be flogged?

How does Mr. El-Rufai find the courage to smile before cameramen when he knows that these citizens are in the hostage of daredevil bandits whom he is partly responsible for their creation?

How do these journalists move around from place to place, get their logistics, including petrol, food, drugs and ammunition, yet we have intelligence agencies who would be quick to tow away your vehicles when it breaks down around their offices, as if they have any antennas that can be broken into?

Are these terrorists within forests in our nation, yet, they can’t be caught? What kind of nation would not be able to have control over its lands and forests and yet claims to be sovereign?

Do we really have a Commander-in-Chief or some kind of Dummy-in-Chief? Isn’t this President ashamed that this is happening in his watch?

How have our security chiefs being able to get on their beds and sleep peacefully in the last few months since these innocent citizens were abducted? How come these terrorists have successfully released those who met their demands or those they simply took pity on, and these people found their ways to their homes and the security agents still couldn’t get a clue on how to free the others still in captivity?

Is the Buhari administration feeling guilty over its failure to fulfill its own part of an alleged bargain with these terrorists, hence, the reluctance to deploy maximum force in routing out the bandits and freeing our innocent fellow citizens?

To whom does Buhari owe his allegiance? To some irredentist jihadists or to Nigerians? Why does it seem that some set of criminals are untouchable while others can be speedily dealt with?

Through which borders are the ammunition used by these terrorists brought in? Are our Customs officials only proficient at seizing goods that pose no threat to national security but keeping blind eyes on the apparent mass influx of high calibre ammunition into our country? Is the President tactically preparing and arming an ethnic militia against the rest of Nigeria, as have been alleged by different commentators?

Where are those responsible for the invasion of Kuje prisons and several other prisons across the country?

Why do we still have the same officials controlling our Correctional Services, when under them, more Correctional Centres have been broken into than at any other time in our history as a nation? Why is the Minister of Interior still sitting comfortably on his seat, while our internal security system has been most embarrassing under his charge? Would it be right to agree with those who believe that these officials are doing the President’s bidding, and instead of giving them a kick for their failures, they are getting a pat?

What is the truth about these allegations that foreign mercenaries from Mali, Libya, Central African Republic and Muslim militia from across different parts of the world, especially, Africa are operating freely across the country?

Is our immigration only good at extorting Nigerian citizens seeking to obtain their passports or renew them? Why are our borders so porous and no one is being held to account?



July 2022

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