Lagos: Nigerians have asked the Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amechi to investigate allegations of ticket racketeering being leveled against officials of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

This is coming on the heels of allegations of fraud and ticket racketeering reported by a social media user, Maziville on his Facebook page at the Ultra modern Lagos Railway Terminal, Ebute Meta.

The complaint was reproduced below:


This is an account of a passenger and not mine.

Read and share if you want us to fight corruption.


Corruption! the ruption! Corruption!

I just witnessed corruption this morning and I was so shocked, tears came to my eyes.

It happened at the New Ultra Modern Lagos Train Terminal Ebute Metta.

Yes, the one President Buhari opened with fanfare, last year.

Mòmò Fela and I woke up as early as 05: am, dressed up quickly, jumped into a Über taxi and arrived at the train station around 06:38am for a scheduled 08:00 train to Abeokuta.

We just wanted to experience the much talked about train ride and maybe climb the Olumò Rock in Abeokuta.


We were number three on the queue outside.

Jus before 07:00, the doors of the terminal were thrown open and I walked up to a ticket booth.

“Three 1st class tickets to Abeokuta, please” I smiled at the frowning gum chewing ticket lady.

Chewing gum in public ticket booth, early in the morning?

“First class tickets have finished, sir”


Now now?

“But I was told yesterday, when I came to make enquiries, that tickets are not sold in advance”

“That is correct, sir. We don’t sell tickets in advance”

“But I am the first person to come in front of you at the Lagos to Abeokuta booth, how come 1st class is sold out?”

“I don’t know, sir”

“Can I speak to a supervisor or manager?”

“He is not around”

“So who supervises this big station”

“He is not around”

Na so I start wahala, begin shout!

A few passengers also began to wonder aloud why there were no 1st class tickets available.

I don start commotion!

Someone quickly ran up to me and directed me to a booth where a lady was waiting, looking worried.

“Good morning, what is the problem, sir?”

“Who are you? I would rather speak to a Supervisor, please”

“I am the PRO sir”

“Public Relations Officer? Better!”

“What is your name?”

“Stella Okafor

“Ok Ms Stella, I want to know what happened to the first class tickets that should normally be on sale?”

“Somebody has bought all the the first class tickets, sir”

“You sold all the first class tickets to one individual?”

“Yes sir”



“Before we opened, sir”

“Soooo, you sold all the First class tickets to one individual, in advance, when your policy is not to sell tickets in advance?”

“Yes sir”

“Do you realise that is barefaced corruption by you and your officials”

“I don’t want trouble o”

“Listen, my name is Mazi Abe and I am a Social Media commentator, with quite a large following.

“I intend to write about this big scam going on here”

“You will need permission for that, sir”

“Need permission to write about how you are scamming Nigerians at a newly opened public paying facility?”

“Yes, sir”

“Kiss my ass!”


“Zaazaa zuuu. Zeh!”

Everybody around me burst into laughter.

But it ain’t funny!

Please, kindly share and tag all known government officials and influencers.

This is the way to fight corruption.

In their face.

I dey vext!

Good morning Maziville ☕️☕️☕️”

Nigerians expect Amechi, one of the 2023 Presidential hopefuls in the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) to deal decisively with the issue given his “no nonsense” disposition.

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