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Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD
Odogwu of Ibusa clan
Research Fellow@Exile, Institute of African Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Email: nwaezeigwe.genocideafrica@gmail.com

As a proud undergraduate student of the Department of History, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I was taught that a quisling is someone who sold his people to the enemy. In other words, to be a Quisling is more heinous a crime against one’s kinsmen than a saboteur. In its simple English interpretation, a Quisling stands for any citizen or politician who collaborates with the enemy of his people for his selfish political ends. It was adopted from the Norwegian military officer named Vidkun Quisling who sold his people to Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.
Put Dr Ifeanyi Okowa in Vidkun Quisling’s shoes and check if he will not perfectly match. In 2021, precisely on Tuesday May 11, 2021, Ifeanyi Okowa used the hard earned Delta State money to host the seventeen Southern Nigeria State Governors in Asaba where they released a 12-point Declaration. Lest Okowa might have forgotten, paragraph (i) of the declaration stated ipso facto:
“Affirmed that the peoples of Southern Nigeria remain committed to the unity of Nigeria on the basis of justice, fairness, equity and oneness, and peaceful co-existence between and among its peoples with a focus on the attainment of shared goals for economic development and prosperity.”
How can Dr Ifeanyi Okowa reconcile his present Quisling status of Vice Presidential candidate of a Fulani man and Muslim against the background of the above paragraph from which sprouted the joint resolution that come 2023 the South must provide the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? That Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is soundly a man of dishonor with a figment of self-importance, and lacking in a modicum of self-moral judgment is not in doubt. Thank God for the reintroduction of History as subject of study in our Secondary Schools. At least Nigerian citizens and the future generations will have the medium to judge Okowa’s children and descendants yet unborn according to the Quisling acts of their father and progenitor. Indeed there is no doubt Dr Okowa would have become a disaster to his patients had he continued with the medical profession. 

A man of confused identity, who never identified with his Igbo origin or for once granted audience to the apex Igbo body Ohaneze Ndigbo, of which an Anioma son, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue was once President General and another illustrious son Col J. O. Achuzia was once Secretary General, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa soon became an emergency Igbo man after selling the same Igbo people for a morsel of bread to become the Quisling Vice Presidential candidate of the political Fulani herdsman called Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. 
A man of dubious religious identity, Ifeanyi Okowa is a secret Muslim convert working in concert with Alhaji Munir Abdulahi Ned Nwoko, his Senatorial candidate, to destabilize Delta State with Fulani herdsmen attacks on defenceless citizens from their new Mile Five Anwai launching pad. He is also secretly working out a full-blown conflict between the Obi of Abavo who has the notorious history of once declaring his kingdom an Islamic Kingdom and Dein of Agbor, given the assumed rivalry between the Dein and Obi of Owa his king.
This is the same Okowa that recently and secretly employed his kinsman and former Primate of Anglican Church, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh to mobilize the Anglican Church on behalf of PDP, Alhaji Ned Nwoko and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, starting with Delta North Senatorial District. Indeed it will not only be monstrous heresy but dreadful spiritual disaster for any leader of the Anglican Church to accept any money from Ifeanyi Okowa for the purpose of supporting Atiku Abubakar and Abdulahi Ned Nwoko. The Anglican Church as the pioneer creator of the modern Nigerian nation cannot at this moment of atrocious crimes against humanity by the Islamic religionists of Nwoko and Atiku debase herself by being hapless products of Ifeanyi Okowa’s political baggage. Any Anglican that does that awaits the wrath of God. 
Ifeanyi Okowa cannot be more Anglican than people like me. I am a proud Anglican even though from a predominantly Roman Catholic family. I attended Anglican Boys Grammar School, Akwukwu Igbo, was a Lay Preacher at Emmanuel Anglican Church Ibusa; a founding-member of Christ the King Anglican Church, Ibusa; was Assistant Secretary and Member of Christ Church Chapel Council, University of Nigeria, Nsukka; Church warden, Publicity and Social Secretary, Men Association and member, Youth Fellowship at the same Church. I was once invited by the pioneer Bishop of Asaba Diocese Rt. Rev Rowland Nwosu to become an Anglican Priest, and later by the new Methodist Church at Asaba through my Methodist Chaplain at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the Very Reverend Ikejiofor. 
Any Anglican member therefore from the Bishops down to the ordinary bench warmers who allows himself or herself to be bought and sold to Fulani jihadists by Dr Ifeanyi Okowa in the name of Anglican Vice Presidential candidate will never be forgiven by the God such an individual worships. Anglicans have produced the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the person of Dr Goodluck Jonathan and therefore there is nothing particularly special about an Anglican Okowa being the Vice President of Nigeria on the blood of innocent Christians being slaughtered daily by his Fulani slave-masters. Indeed somebody like Ifeanyi Okowa should be preparing to be politically quarantined after his tenure and not to open his spittle-ridden mouth to campaign for a Fulani President with him as Vice President.
This explains why many decent people were amazed to the marrow to learn that this same out-going Governor of Delta State called Dr Ifeanyi Okowa stated that he regretted supporting Senator Peter Nwoboshi against Alhaji Ned Abdulahi Munir Nwoko for Senate. The question is between Senator Peter Nwoboshi and Dr Ifeanyi Okowa who has more credible antecedents of supporting the other? 
The records are there to prove that right from the present political dispensation beginning from Chief James Onanefe Ibori’s tenure through Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan to the present Quisling called Ifeanyi Okowa, Senator Peter Nwoboshi had been an unequivocal energetic defender of collective Anioma interest; while the same Ifeanyi Okowa played role of Judas Iscariot for a morsel of political bread by always presenting himself as an obedient servant but ironically a green snake under the green grass. 
Senator Peter Nwoboshi clashed with Governor James Ibori in defence of Anioma interest even as a serving Commissioner, an action that nearly cost him the position during Chief James Ibori’s second tenure; while Ifeanyi Okowa on the other hand was licking Chief Ibori’s ass. During Dr Uduagha’s first term while Senator Peter Nwoboshi stood firm in defence of collective Anioma interest as PDP State Chairman, Ifeanyi Okowa lobbied from the backyard to be appointed Secretary to Delta State Government. 
During Dr Uduaghan’s second tenure the same Okowa aware that he would be disgraced out of office, ran to Senator Peter Nwoboshi and pleaded to given the ticket to run for Senate to save him from disgrace, which Senator Peter Nwoboshi facilitated with his office as PDP State Chairman. Has Ifeanyi Okowa forgotten that as Delta State Chairman of PDP Senator Peter Nwoboshi had powers to stop his nomination? Has Ifeanyi Okowa so quickly forgotten that he is Governor of Delta State today only by the grace of Senator Peter Nwoboshi’s ardent struggles for equity in Delta State Governorship?
Indeed if there is any form of regret for the election of any Anioma son to political office, it is the election of Dr Ifeanyi Okwa as Delta State Governor. We the people of Aniomaland do solemnly swear today that the election of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as Governor of Delta State was an ill omen, a disaster in political terms, corrupt in moral terms, psychologically disdainful and bankrupt in spiritual terms. Ifeanyi Okowa represents to Anioma people in particular and Delta State in general what the Holy Bible calls a sour taste in our mouths. Anioma people demanded for their own share of political fruit not one with a sour taste—what Ifeanyi Okowa stands for today.
Chief James Onanefe Ibori ruled Delta State with uncommon humility driven by unrivalled patriotic zeal as a Deltan and profoundly, a proud Urhobo man with the icing of indelible positive legacies for which his people still remain indebted to him. His cousin and successor Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan of Itsekiri ethnic extraction not only improved on Chief James’Ibori’s legacies but made himself endearing among his ethnic kinsmen. 
What legacy can Ifeanyi Okowa proudly stand up to say he is bequeathing as Governor to the people of Delta State in general and his Anioma homeland in particular? None! In place of positive legacies what the people of Delta State have today is not just disaster but tsunamic disaster as political synonyms of Ifeanyi Okowa and his administration. 
In the coming 2023 General elections, Ifeanyi Okowa will be the first Governor of Delta State whose Deputy will vote against his anointed candidate. Why? Because he bit the very finger that sacrificially brought him to power! Indeed of all the Governors that ruled Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa remains the only Governor whose ascendency was dependent on the grace and sacrifice of his Deputy. Yet he had the satanic audacity to stab him on the back by betraying him. How can Nigerians entrust the leadership of their nation to such inveterate moral misfit.
 Chief James Onanefe Ibori and his Deputy Chief Benjamin Elue remain one political family today many years after leaving office. Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and Prof Amos Utuama remain one family today many years after leaving office. Can Dr Ifeanyi Okowa proudly stand up and tell the good people of Delta State that he is one political family with his Deputy Governor even while still in office? Is his Deputy Governor not regretting for making him the Governor of Delta State? Yet the same man is talking about regretting for supporting somebody he never supported to become a Senator.
What happened to our iconic Delta Line? This is the question most citizens of Delta State are still asking and will continue to ask long after the disaster called Ifeanyi Okowa would have left office as the most colorless State Governor ever to be elected in Nigeria. To most of us who belong to Ifeanyi Okowa’s generation and the older ones, the name Delta Line will continue to be nostalgic. 
We grew up as kids in the mid-1960s to learn about Armel Transport Limited then with head office at 22 James Watt Road, Benin City. Incorporated on 28 November, 1947, Armel served the then people of Western Region, later Midwest Region meritoriously as both mail-runner and public transportation, until 1968 when Governor Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia acquired it to form Midwest Line, which later became Bendel Line, before splitting into Edo and Delta Lines.
 Edo State Government before liquidating their Edo Line established a successor viable transport company—Edo City Line. Ifeanyi Okowa on the other hand sold the Delta Line to himself through his God Is Good proxy, which eventually changed its name to reflect Okowa’s new stake in the company. Meanwhile, the people of Delta State are patiently waiting for Okowa to vacate that seat before he is brought to book to account for Delta State share of the 625 billion naira from Petroleum Derivative Fund.
The history which has returned to our Secondary schools will be the judge between Ifeanyi Okowa and the people of Delta State.

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