Ogbonnaya Mark Okoro is a Linguist, Igbo Language expert, American Sign Language interpreter, researcher, blogger, historian, cultural advocate, translator and author of over 60 books in different genres of literature.He was the first BBC Igbo translator and have worked as a translator for the projects of different national and International Organizations like UNESCO, National Bureau of Statistics, World Bank, United Nations etc.He worked for Mapi Languages Agency France as a Linguistics Validation Consultant, Igbo language as well as Appens, Australia.A former Legislative Intern with Policy and Legal Advocacy Center in support of European Union and ECOWAS with Legislative intern practical experience at the House Committee on Financial Crime, Federal House of Representatives, Abuja. He holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Igbo Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and subsequently trained in Film Subtitle and Translation by the Newcastle University and the University of the West of Scotland, UK. He worked on educational documentary film in Soli and Nyanja Languages of Zambia and translated them back to English and Igbo with synchronization of the subtitle. He has featured in a few movies basically as a subtitler, sign language and Igbo Language coach for actors.

Two major movies he has featured as an actor are:

1. Agwaetiti Obiụtọ (Island of Happiness) 2017

2. Ghost Baby (2022)As an undergraduate, his published Igbo books were used for exams both for undergraduate and graduate level. He published books used to set examinations for them. He used his own books to sit for exams in the university and over five departments in the faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria Nsụka used his books for Igbo elective courses and exam between 2012 and 2013 (11 years ago).

Tertiary Institutions his books were once/many times, approved for students/exams

1. University of Nigeria, Nsụka

2. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Ọka

3. Imo State University, Owere

4. Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu

5. College of Education Technical, Ụmụnze

6. Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, etc.

7. Ebọnyị State College of Education, Ikwo.His books are approved for Secondary schools, by the Ministries of Education in Imo, Enugwu, Abịa, Ebonyi, Anambra, Delta including unity schools in Lagos and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. For over a decade, his works are household names for Igbo Literature throughout the south East and beyond; and they have been used for Junior WAEC and Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)He was the American Sign Language interpreter for Talking Health with Dr. Laz, a health program aired on AIT. He interpreted health talks for the program and was active between 2020 and 2021.He was the American Sign Language interpreter for African Economic Congress, 2020, interpreting over 42 speeches by CBN governor, Executive Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, Stirling Bank MD, four Ambassadors of African countries (Egypt, Namibia, etc), two former Presidents of African countries, etc. His interviews have appeared at Ubuntu FM, Pretoria South Africa, African Magic Igbo, IsiMbido TV, different Radio Stations, The Sun Newspapers. His articles have appeared on Punch Newspapers, Vanguard Newspapers, etc.

He owns online school where he teaches Igbo language for the Igbo and non-Igbo all over the world. He has translated many books and materials into the Igbo language. His books are available on Amazon. He created the first tech awareness book in Igbo Language, weaving stories around it for kids. It is entitled Eze Na Kọmputa, available on Amazon. One of his Igbo bilingual books was published in Canada by Griots Lounge Publishing, Canada and the same book titled: “Mụta Igbo Taa” became a bestselling book under African Educational Book, Amazon in less than 24 hours upon its release. The book is currently housed in the Manitoba Legislative Library in Winnipeg, Canada for research purpose.He founded Ọnụkwube TV, onukwube dot net, Ọnụkwube podcast, igbotic dot net and Colours of Language Limited. He manages different blogs which many of them are not known by the public to be owned or run by him.His notable historical and athropological researches have identified the Igbo forcefully displaced in other places as a result of state creation and political disenfranchisement of one’s identity. He has studied the Igbo and Ịgala in Kogi State. He studied the Igbo and Ikwere in Rivers State. The Igbo and the Kalabari of Rivers State, etc.

Ogbonnaya has toured over 33 States in Nigeria plus Federal capital territory—both villages and major cities— to carry out self-funded research and study the history and culture of the people.He was born on Saturday, Nkwo Market day, 26th June, 1993 in Umuka village, Okposi, Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State.

Oganihu Ebonyi celebrates this influential young Igbo man who lost his father at a young age, broke the shackles of poverty and is doing amazingly great things

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