Enugu – Directors of a Biafran political organization, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) have abandoned the group, launching a new political mobilisation organisation, De Mobilizers Initiative in their bid to give South-Easterners and the entire Igbo people a credible political front.

The Directors who announced the launch of its brand new organisation at the weekend, revealed that the founder of MOBIN, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri was autocratic, and a poor manager who completely failed in his numerous attempts to run a successful organisation to unite Ndigbo.

In a Press Statement signed by their Director General, Comrade Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu, the group listed Bilie Human Rights Initiative(BHRI), Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and MOBIN as some of the groups Emekesiri initiated, but could not manage. While members of BHRI preferred loyalty to Engineer Amadi, members of IPOB saw Emeka Emekesiri as an opportunist and chose Nnamdi Kanu as their leader.

The group Directors who resigned in 2021, narrated how the lawyer messed up the organisation and announced that they have moved on by establishing a political education, orientation and mobilization organisation.The Press Release reads:We have moved on for good, —PRESS STATEMENT of DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE.

Our attention has been drawn to a document circulating online where one Barr Emeka Emekesiri claims that he has sacked the Directors of the Movement of Biafrans In Nigeria (MOBIN).

Emeka cited frivolous reasons bordering on equipment and office paraphernalia, which he claimed the said Directors refused to account for, hence the sack.Well, we are those Directors he claims he sacked.

In very few words, Emeka Emekesiri, who was the Chairman of the political Organization decided to discontinue all political activities of the organisation and informed the Directors that he is shutting down the organisation. The planned shutdown led to a face off between the Directors and Emeka, and there has been a break in our activities since 2021 when the incident happened. One thing to note here is that Emeka is a very bad, in fact, a very terrible leader. Emeka Emekesiri floated IPOB, but didn’t have what it takes to run it and organise members. He only knows paper work so Nnamdi Kanu snatched it from him and started running with that ideology. Clearly, he failed.He floated Bilie Human Rights Initiative, and again, lacked the capacity to run it. Amadi, who is an engineer was the one running it and Emeka in his inability, lost Bilie to Amadi because members of Bilie became loyal to Amadi instead of Emeka. Now, he has also come up with MOBIN but completely lacked the capacity to organise and run it.

Rita Anigbogu took it over as members of MOBIN were only loyal to her. Once she left, MOBIN went to sleep. The only place you see Emeka’s name is on documents because he has no idea on how to run an organisation except perhaps, be a dictator. No wonder he is named Adolf, as his character only portrays strong semblance to that of Adolf Hitler in his selfish goals to control, vilify and undermine those around him.Members of IPOB became loyal to Nnamdi Kanu because he has the capacity to organise the people, but Emeka lacked it completely.He will always introduce, he will build and also use his hands to scatter what he built, just as he used the office clerk Chinenye to scatter MOBIN. He is not a leader, he is a paper work person and lacks the charisma to run with his ideology.At the formation of the De Facto Customary Government in 2021, there was an election.

In that election, Asari Dokubo was elected to lead the group, while Rita Anigbogu, MOBIN DG, was elected to deputise. But Emeka, who was nominated to be part of the leadership felt that he cannot be under anybody.So he refused to serve in his office as an executive member. He is a bad leader, but is unwilling to follow, and lacked the humility to follow other leaders or learn. Having rested our political activities since then, we are pleased to inform our people across the globe that we are back. We hereby announce the upgrade of our organisation and activities to capture the crux of the goals and aspirations of our people, who have suffered the heavy burden of bad leadership since 1970.

From now on, the organisation shall be called DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE. DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE as an organisation, is 100 percent political, and is formed to draw Biafrans in Nigeria into politics.

The activities of DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE shall include:

1. Political Education and Orientation of our people across the whole world. This is to enlighten our people of the importance of politics and the numerous gains.

2. To encourage our people to become participators in running for political offices, from the lowest to the very loftiest, knowing that despite being ingenious Biafrans, we are full citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and must not deny ourselves of our rights to vote, be voted for, and secure the appurtenances of governance.

3. To mobilize our people not just to vote and be voted for, but also to play politics as a game, which everyone knows is a game of numbers. So in doing this, our assignment will be to let our people become super active in the very next elections, knowing that when more people participate, we stand great chances to win our seats and tap into all the gains of the game.

4. To form governments when our people win elections, and become actively involved in the development of our political space and environment. At this point, we shall gather our ideas together, and use them to attract the kind of development available in top nations of the world. In the coming weeks, we shall begin to unfold our programmes, and take off play our own small role in the political development of our land.Thanks for your time.

Once again, here is a list of the Directorate of DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE:

Rita Anigbogu (Ada Biafra)

Joseph Agbo

ThankGod Ofoelue

Stella Chukwuma

Clinton Umeh

Lilian Obiechina

Slim Anachuna

Signed, Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu (Ada Biafra) For DE MOBILIZERS INITIATIVE Directors.

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