Abuja: The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr Peter Obi cut Senator Dino Maleye, a spokesman to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to size during the Arise TV presidential debate on Sunday.

Unlike his characteristically cool self, Obi thoroughly dressed Melaye down for constantly interjecting rudely.

The drama started when one of the attendees stood up to question the presidential candidates and Dino was heard saying “Na wa Ooo, Obi people.”On hearing the words of Dino, Peter Obi snapped at him.“Stop that Dino. Why are you always calling me? I won’t take that. This man is from ANPP. Why are you calling him Obi people?” a visibly angry Peter Obi said?

Surprisingly, the usual noisy Dino was caught unawares, as he never bargained for such an animated salvo from the usually “meek” Obi. Like a bully that his match, he lost his voice and took solace in silence.

Again, miffed by the absence of Atiku, the PDP presidential candidate, who sent his running mate to represent him, the LP Presidential candidate has decided that he would no longer participate in mixed debates.

Traditionally, both in Nigeria and elsewhere, Presidential candidates held their own debates and their running mates hold theirs too, not mixing them up.

Confirming the LP Presidential candidate’s decision on mixed debates, Henry Oseloka Obaze who is a close ally of Mr. Peter Obi said Arise TV broke their own ground rules.In his words “Yesterday at the Town Hall, Arise TV management broke their own ground rules & shifted the goalpost in the middle of the game”.

“A presidential town hall or debate means exactly that in letter & spirit. Henceforth, LP Presidential candidate will not participate in mixed debates” he ended.

On tweeter and other social media platforms, the joke was Dino, who they referred to as a “Nollywood actor”, for mistaking Obi’s gentle mien for cowardice and receiving a baptism of fire.

Here are some of the tweets:

Chris @Topboychriss “

Dino Melaye thinks he is still in the National Assembly where he used to make noise.

Peter Obi put him in his place.”

Jayamma @abjaynuel “So happy with the way Peter Obi called out Dino Melaye for Insulting him…

True Peter Obi may seem calm but he doesn’t take nonsense from nonsense people. Nice one Mr President.

Atiku and Tinubu Arise TV Okowa #PeterObi4President2023 Kwankwaso Datti”

-Ali @LRNZH “If you were listening for eloquence, Kola Abiola & Ifeanyi Okowa would be your men.

If substance piques your ears, Peter Obi & Rabiu Kwankwaso are your guys.

If absenteeism is your thing, Bola Tinubu & Atiku Abubakar will suit you.The nuisance of the night is Dino Melaye.”

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