We have watched with keen interest the ripples that has followed the recent message by leaders of the famous Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, in a Lagos press conference, officially declaring the group’s resolve to pitch tent with what is most realistic and justifiably nerve soothing, by rallying Nigerians to vote for H.E. Peter Obi in the forthcoming elections.

POSN, Nigeria’s foremost support group, however commend’s the group’s action and appreciates it for it’s doggedness in the face of impending intimidation and other forms of attack that may follow this worthy resolve.

Truly, we acknowledge the countless number of times when, Pa Ayo Adebanjo has continued to be unequivocal of the need for Nigerians to speak in one voice for the emergence of a Southeastern president at this time.

Even though the Obi-Datti Revolutionary Movement to which many countrymen and women now identify as simply being Obi-dient, is not thriving on the idea of the genuine need for an Igbo presidency, rather than that of a discovered truth in purposeful leadership and competence, the Afenifere’s call through Chief Adebanjo, is still a very highly welcomed dimension, as it speaks truth, to the political correctness of the movement.

Nigerians are aware that, since the 2nd Repulic when Chief Alex Ekwume served as Deputy to President Shehu Shagari in their very short reign in government, no Southeasterner has ever successfully been allowed to take a shot at that position again, let alone the ultimate office of the president.

This is one reason H.E. Dr Peter Obi and his running mate Dr Datti Baba-Ahmed continually point out as a cause of the problems of insecurity in our country today. Outside poverty, one major challenge that has lead the country to where it is today is the avoidable feelings of marginalization and disillusionment that get many youths into restiveness, agitation and on other times, brain-drain.

Mr Peter Obi has however promised that as soon as he and his team of true minded nationalists are sworn into office, they will make the issue of Love and desire to live an die for country top priority.

Obviously, this lopsidedness in devolution of political powers and active engagements across regions of the country, which has taken it’s worse toll in this current administration, need urgent attention for our democracy to still survive.

Chief Adebanjo’s recounting of history leading up to the1960 Independence constitution, about a Federation where no ethnic nationality is oppressed, up till present dispensation when, even political parties tend to want to enshrine the idea of power rotation in their legal documents; Afenifere’s endorsement of H.E. Peter Obi as “the person of Igbo extraction” trusted “to restructure the country back to federalism” is indeed something that we at POSN equally connect with and are much appreciative of.

We therefore appeal to Nigerians to keep faith fate with truth and keep the fire burning for a New Nigeria that is POssible!
Thank you.

Henry-Paul Olarewaju Babangida
-Deputy Coordinator POSN Katsina State
-Gen. Secretary CPO Supportters Katsina State.

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