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A group of youthful professionals from the Southwestern part of Nigeria, the Yoruba Ronu New Generation has warned the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Ahmed Bola Tinubu to desist from hitting up the polity through indirect threats to the life of Mr. Peter Obi, warning that should anything untoward happen to the Labour Party presidential candidate, it would hold him responsible.

Speaking to journalists from Lagos, the spokesman of the group, Mr. James Oguntimehin said that the group is aware of the antics of the former Lagos State governor in diverting attention from his dangerous devices against his political enemies.

According to the group’s spokesman; “We are not unaware of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s antics. We know that when his perennial rival, Funso Williams was gruesomely assassinated, he mourned even more than the bereaved family and went ahead to name a road after him. But we also know that if Funso Williams had not been killed, Bola wouldn’t have been the new colonial master of Lagos as he is today, because Sir Funso Williams would have stopped him from winning his reelection bid in 2003. In essence, he is the sole beneficiary of that gentleman’s assassination. We know him to be a desperate cynic who can do anything to take away those who pose the most potent threat to his political ambition. But we want to warn that he must not try that on Mr. Peter Obi.”

The group’s spokesman argued that Festus Keyamo and Femi Fani Kayode get their briefings directly from the APC presidential candidate, and might have been instructed by him to divert attention of the public from what might be a well orchestrated plan to assassinate the Labour Party presidential candidate.

“The Yoruba Ronu New Generation is a group of young, vibrant, patriotic and dissatisfied professionals who believe that the progress of Yoruba land can best be guaranteed if we elect the right person as the President of our country. We are determined to ensure that this dream for a working and prosperous Nigeria is not aborted through any means, hence, this alarm.

“Peter Obi’s life is in danger. Peter Obi poses the most potent threat to the devious schemes of the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential candidate and that of the All Progressives Congress, and we are concerned that the All Progressives Congress might have concluded plans to eliminate the Labour Party presidential candidate. Nigerians must be on the alert and hold Asiwaju Tinubu responsible if anything happens to Peter Obi.”

Oguntimehin said his group will not exonerate the People’s Democratic Party’s candidate from such plot, but believes, that going by the coordinated messaging targeted at diverting attention, the former Lagos State governor must is the prime suspect.

“Yes, Peter Obi poses a threat to the old establishment, to the business as usual cabal, and this includes the PDP, the APC and the NNPP presidential candidates. All of them understand that the Labour Party is leading a people’s movement that stands the best chance of upstaging their noxious schemes of holding Nigeria to ransom.”

He called on the security agencies to strengthen their protection for the Labour Party presidential candidate as Nigerians will not take lightly, any attempt on Peter Obi.

“To save Nigeria from a descent into total anarchy, nothing must happen to Peter Obi. It is the duty of our security agents to protect him, because by protecting him, they are protecting Nigeria. If anything happens to Peter Obi, I can assure you that our security agents will not be able to contain the Nigerian people’s anger.” He concluded.

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