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Abuja: Chief Dan Ulasi, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and former Anambra State Chairman of the party has stated that he has received threats to his life for sincerely advising the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi to hold a meeting with South East political leaders on the issue of building regional synergy for his presidential bid.

Ulasi made the revelation while speaking as a guest, this Tuesday morning, on Kaakaki, AIT’s current affairs program.

“I believe Peter Obi has over fifty percent chance of winning the election. However, charity begins at home; he needs to come down to Enugu and hold a meeting with his brothers, South East Governors and other political leaders from the zone.

According to him, he had received death threats and a letter had been written to the traditional ruler of Nnewi, his hometown, HRM Igwe Kenneth Orizu after advising Obi on the same Kaakaki, to come and consult with his brothers.

However, the controversial and outspoken political juggernaut confessed that Mr Peter Obi was not in support of such threats and had promised to meet with Igbo leaders, as he advised.

“I met Peter (Obi) at a wedding in Lagos, some weeks ago, just before he traveled to the US. He hugged me for over six minutes and said to me, “Oga, I will call that meeting as you advised, as soon as I return from the US”. I believe he will do it.”

Chief Ulasi went further to elaborate on the necessity of the proposed meeting between Peter Obi and the South East political leaders;

“Peter’s party, LP has candidates contesting for Senate, House of Representatives, Governorship and State House of Assembly elections. Our people will now have to decide on which candidate they will support for each of these elections.

“Again, usually the South East gives about eighty percent of its vote to the PDP. If that vote is now going to the LP because of Obi, he should be able to convince our political leaders about what he has done in the South West and the North, so that that vote which will be lost by the PDP will not be doing the All Progressives Congress, APC, a favour.

“Despite our Governors and other political leaders being in different parties, I don’t see why they can’t support Obi, if they want to. After all, the South West Governors are doing same for Tinubu and the Northern Governors for Atiku.”

Ulasi went further to state that Peter Obi had excellent credentials, arising from his remarkable eight year tenure as Anambra State Governor.

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