In William Shakespeare’s epic drama “Julius Ceasar,” a popular statement is made which says ”when beggars die,there are no comets seen,the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes”. And in George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’, we read that ”all animals are equal,but some are more equal than others”! When I heard that a Commissioner in Ebonyi State died yesterday in a motor crash, I felt bad and sympathetic and my condolences went out to both the family and the government. And I know that many others naturally felt the same way.

However,what beats me hollow is why a public holiday has to be declared today 23rd June because of the death of one man. Yet recently, herdsmen unleashed a craze-maze of murderous orgies in 3 communities in Izzi land and the government was silent on the exact number of ‘lower’ human-animals that were butchered!!! And very close to Nkalagu(where the Commissioner met his unfortunate fate), scores of people were slaughtered about 3 months ago at Umuhu Ali, Obegu and Egedegede by the same terrorist herdsmen. No requiem was organized by government! No ode sang!! No wreath laid!!! And of course, a public holiday or fasting and prayer would have been too much to ask for!!!! Once in a while,those who we have allowed to serve us remind us that they are their to vex us. Every now and then,our leaders become our dealers! They get us thinking that we are nothing. They are insensitive, insulting, humiliating and intimidating. I do not have a problem in anyone being properly mourned – if there is anything like that! Am saying that citizens should be treated equally. Let no one tell me that it is the way it is because as a philosopher and a man of God,my focus should be on how it ‘should be’,that is,the ideal. Government should have declared one month mourning period as a result of the massacre mentioned above and other intra-clanish violence going on in the State. That way,we would all have a sense of belonging to the same society. Why are we deceiving ourselves that we are in a democracy when we have enthroned Monarchs at every strata of leadership? Or is the death of one man more important than other hundred murdered in cold blood? And if I may offer an honest advice to the government of Ebonyi: there is an urgent need to inject justice,equity and righteousness into the society.

Too many people are owed salaries(for months),gratuity, pension,conversion, promotions,and no employment(for years). So much tension are in the hearts of people and thus,like a tinder box, it is detonated at the slightest provocation. A hungry man cannot appreciate street lights,smooth roads,plyover bridges and public holidays. For indeed,the sands and cement on the roads are not needed in the empty pots in the kitchen. Am just thinking aloud and writing what people are saying around me which sychophants would not tell the power-holders!

This is my kind of candid advice and I believe I am speaking not just the thoughts of many on the streets but also, I think the mind of God that is the only way prayer can work god does not take bribes even if the bribes are prayers. CAN, PFN tell the Government the truth before you go to pray to GOD

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