First and foremost, I was born in the same village where Governor Okowa was born. Both of us are of Ika origin, in Delta State of Nigeria.
Peter Obi hails from Anambra state, while Datti-baba Ahmed is from Kaduna state. I am doing this simply because of my patriotism and OBIDIENCE as the situation in Nigeria has demanded of us.

Having gone through the statement made by governor Okowa against His Excellency, Peter Obi that; “Peter Obi’s experience is not deep enough” to lead Nigeria”.

As shocked and confused I was over that statement, I was compelled to reason with Governor Okowa by going around to look at it through the angles Okowa might have seen Peter Obi because, the interpretation of what you see depended on the angle you viewed it from.

  1. First of all, Peter Obi doesn’t have that deep experience to assume being from South South with Urhobo traditional cap, just as your deep experience has turned you to become a South Easterner by wearing Igbo traditional red caps. Okowa’s geopolitical zone is South South and not South East – chameleon behaviour!
  2. Of course, Peter Obi doesn’t have that deep experience to owe both the dead and living pensioners of their pensions. Such a deep and wicked experience Peter Obi doesn’t have which you, governor Okowa has in abundance.
  3. Peter Obi’s experience is not deep to the depth of hiring thousands of useless and needless men all over the Delta state as SAs, SSAs, EAs and party thugs to be receiving money monthly for doing nothing, other than to roam the streets and making noise in beer parlours, have sex in hotels with young girls that are forced out of schools through strikes. If this is part of the deep experience you mean, Peter Obi doesn’t have it.
  4. Peter Obi’s experience is not as deep as yours who will go and borrow 150billion towards the end of his 8 years as a governor. Peter Obi doesn’t have that deep experience to fund a candidate with identity discrepancies to replace him as the next governor. No! Such a deep experience Peter Obi doesn’t have.
  5. My dear Governor Okowa, how much Delta money did you spend in Abuja while lobbying to become a tool to Atiku as his running mate?
    For your information Sir, Peter Obi doesn’t spend public money anyhow. For this you are absolutely right because, Peter Obi doesn’t have such deep spending experience which you are known for.
  6. Peter Obi doesn’t have your type of deep experience to leave Agbor central hospital in shambles and comatose as you have done. Peter Obi is not like you and had not left the hospitals in Anambra state in ruin as a governor. If this is what you called, deep experience, you are right. Peter Obi doesn’t have such a deep experience.
  7. Please Uncle Okowa, mind your Atiku and his agenda for Nigeria and leave Peter Obi alone in peace! Peter Obi doesn’t have the deep experience to attack other candidates as you have. Peter Obi only knows how to tackle problems with clear solutions.
  8. Uncle Okowa, you had the opportunity to choose Peter Obi but, you and your delegates decided to choose dollars through Corruption Atiku. Please sell Atiku, your new master and his agenda if any and leave Peter Obi alone, please!
  9. You are right uncle Okowa when you said that Peter Obi doesn’t have that deep experience. It is true. Peter Obi cannot betray the South East Governors. Peter Obi doesn’t have that mind (Deep experience) to gather South East Governors to demand for Southern Presidency and anti open grazing laws, only to go behind secretly to negotiate began supporting the same Northern Presidency you mobilised the southern governors against. My Okowa, Peter Obi doesn’t have this kind of experience, whether deep or shallow.
  10. My dear brother/uncle Okowa, what I expect from you now is a true regret. You had the opportunity of becoming the presidential candidate from the South South but, you and your delegates opted for Corruption Atiku’s dollars. Now you and your delegates have the dollars, while you become a tool for Atiku. Now who is to blame, assuming you have not betrayed the South South governors as you said?

Governor Okowa, Please repent and desist from personal attacks. Nigeria is in deep trouble from everywhere. Take Nigeria’s problems one after the other and begin to tell us how you will solve them. This kind of attack on Peter Obi will definitely bring you down and expose you badly.

I am Mr. John Akugbe.
2nd of August 2022.

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