In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the departure of Nigeria’s former Senate President, Rt Hon Chuba Okadigbo from this earthly plain, his kinsmen and confreres from the Traditional Council of Ndị Nze Na Ọzọ Ogbunike has released a soul stirring ode to the departed statesman and political juggernaut of note.

In the message signed by Nze Ugochukwu Akpe-Onwuka (Oyi) and Nze Uchenna Mbamalu (Ezennia), Chairman and Secretary respectively of the council, they extolled his legacies staying stating that his “legacy as a philosopher, wordsmith, and traditionalist remains woven into the fabric of Ogbunike’s identity”.

The message reads thus:

“20th Anniversary Message In Memory Of Late Senator Dr Chuba William Okadigbo.

As we mark two decades since your passing, the void left by your remarkable personality is deeply felt, not only by your family and friends but by the entire community of Ogbunike, Ala Igbo, and the nation of Nigeria.

Ogbunike, your beloved hometown, where you took your first steps and nurtured your dreams, mourns the loss of a son who made us proud.

Your legacy as a philosopher, wordsmith, and traditionalist remains woven into the fabric of Ogbunike’s identity.

For Ala-Igbo, your absence is like a missing piece of a puzzle, a voice of reason and wisdom that resonated with the values and aspirations of the Igbo people.

You were more than a politician; you were a symbol of hope and resilience.

Nigeria, as a whole, laments the absence of a statesman who tirelessly worked for the betterment of the nation. Your impact transcended political boundaries.

Your efforts to secure the return of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu from exile demonstrated your undiluted commitment to national unity.

Today, as we reflect on your legacy of a charismatic and principled leadership, your absence is a void that cannot be filled, but your memory lives on, inspiring us to uphold the values you held dear.

Oyii, Ikenga Iguedo, Ekwueme Ogbunike, you are sorely missed by Ogbunike, Ala-Igbo, Nigeria, and the world.

Your legacy endures and your spirit continues to live with us.

Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka.(Oyi), Chairman Traditional Council Of Ndị Nze Na Ọzọ Ogbunike.

Nze Uchenna Mbamalu (Ezennia), Secretary General, Traditional Council Of Ndị Nze Na Ọzọ Ogbunike”

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