– some of the chapter executives led by the Deputy Publicity Secretary allege to have impeached the chapter President

Abuja – Ohanaeze Ndigbo, FCT, Abuja has formally sacked those purporting to be Eze-Igbo, Abuja, formally writing a notification letter to the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barrister Nyesom Wike, to ban anybody parading as such within the FCT, Abuja.

This was contained in a letter written to Wike by the chapter President, Barrister Ifeanyichukwu Nweze, dated 21st September, 2023.

Barrister Obasi-Nweze said, “We write to notify you of our sack/non-recognition of purporting Eze Ndigbos- Uche Isaac Egenti and Ibe Nwosu and their cohorts and to request that you ban anybody from officially parading or proclaiming himself as Eze Ndigbo in the FCT”.

According to him, “Following the sack of Uche Isaac Egenti, Ibe Nwosu, and others by the General Assembly of Ohanaeze Nd‘Iigbo FCT Abuja Chapter for causing crises in the FCT, and subsequent communication of the same to the Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, we wish to say that Uche Isaac Egenti and his cohorts employed one FCK Obike (one of the erstwhile members of the Executive Committee ostracized with them) to author a phantom impeachment against our president.

hoo!haa!! Newspapers sighted the press release captioned, “(Ohanaeze Ndigbo)FCT President impeached, Vice President takes charge” signed by an Elder FCK Obike, the chapter’s Deputy Publicity Secretary,alleging that Obasi -Nweze was impeached for “gross misconduct, forgery and unilateral actions, all in violation of the byelaws of the organization”.

According to Obike, the said impeachment was read out at the group’s General Assembly meeting held on Wednesday, 20th September, 2023.

However, the alleged impeachment seems to be the handiwork of few members of the chapter’s executive committee since it was signed by a ‘Deputy’ Publicity Secretary instead of the chapter’s General Secretary

“The Ohanaeze Nd’Igbo FCT Abuja Chapter’s General Assembly through the Executive Committee reiterates that Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, is not Igboland; therefore there are no Eze-Igbos in the Federal Capital Territory. People seeking to be Eze/Kings should go back to their home states in the South East and follow the guiding laws in respect of Chieftaincy – Nd‘lgbo cannot build kingdoms within the traditional leaderships of their host communities thereby creating confusion, unwarranted rivalry, and crises in the FCT.

“Henry Ugbaja, Hilary Ukpabi, FCK Obike, and Promise thezie, who are unknown to their respective Presidents General of Abia State and Imo State communities in FCT Abuja, were ostracized with Uche Isaac Egenti; they cannot speak for Ohanaeze.”

He called, on the unsuspecting members of the public to beware of their activities and added that Ohanaeze Nd‘Igbo FCT Abuja Chapter is a responsible organization that will not under this regime seek for funds from the general public.

He said those parading themselves as Eze- Igbo gathered Igbo people, especially the unemployed or under-employed for which they approach authorities for patronage; from which they receive monies and other benefits for either their personal use or for use to further enslave the unsuspecting vulnerable people.”

From independent investigations, it was discovered that the title of Eze Igbo had been officially banned by all the relevant organs of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in 2012 during the tenure of Late Ambassador Raph Chukwu Uwechue as President General.

Equally, Ndigbo resident in Abuja support the moves by the FCT, Abuja chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo to have Wike, officially ban the Eze Igbo ( Eze Ndigbo) title in the FCT to end the prolonged rivalry and crisis fuelled by the fight for the purported title between two men, Uche Isaac Egenti and Ibe Nwosu, both of who coincidentally are from Imo State.

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