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Enugu – The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) warning strike has partially paralysed human and commercial activities within Enugu metropolis leading to some Nigerians not able to meet their daily routine.

A correspondent, who went round Enugu metropolis on Tuesday, observed that the courtrooms in Enugu were under lock and key, while some banks and other financial institutions were not open for business. It would be recalled that the NLC had earlier issued an ultimatum of a two-day warning strike to Federal and state Governments over the non provision of palliatives and succour for Nigerians due to the biting hardship. Meanwhile, there was relatively low compliance with the exercise in Federal and Enugu State Secretariats in Enugu as some workers (mostly senior/management level workers) were seen going about their normal office duties.

However, there is ongoing vehicular and traders’ activities within major roads, markets, plazas and streets within Enugu metropolis. Speaking, a litigant, Mr Chidi Okoye, lamented the sporadically strike actions affecting various courts and their proceedings. Okoye said: “My case has suffered undue adjournments due to strike actions for three months now”.

Another resident, Mr Ejike Onyeama, urged the NLC to push harder for a better response of the government to the plight of Nigerian workers and the ordinary man in the street.

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