Enugu: The Nigerian Army has been urged to publish her Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct, just like the Nigeria Police as a necessary step towards ensuring better civil – military relations.

This was the view expressed by Comrade Onyedika Agbo, as one of the panelist at a seminar on Friday in Enugu by Department of Civil Military Affairs as part of measures to combat the menace of fake news, especially as it affects the Armed Forces, particularly the Nigerian Army.

According to Agbo, a Civil Society activist and social media influencer, “The Nigerian Army needs to publish her Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct as a necessary step towards ensuring better Civil – Military relations since it will enable the civilian populace know when the soldiers are stepping out of bounds”

The seminar with the theme: The evolving role of social media in support of the Nigerian Army’ non-kinetic line of operations was for social media influencers, journalists, bloggers and civil society activists.

Earlier, in his speech, the Chief of Civil Military Affairs of the Nigerian army, Maj Gen. Markus Kangye, stated that it was organized by the Department of Civil Military Affairs of the Nigerian Army in collaboration with Security Affairs Limited.

General Kangye explained that the Army Headquarters DCMA Social Media Seminar was conceived in the last quarter of 2018 based on the poor perception of the operational capabilities, achievements and challenges of the Nigerian Army.

“It also enables us to receive feedback on how to serve the People by maintaining law and order without which there can be no economic development in the country,” he said.

He noted that the internet was the latest domain of modern warfare, adding that social media present a veritable tool in influencing and shaping public opinion, critical in deciding the outcome of battles.

“This is because what they say, the way they present it and how it spreads have far reaching implications than most people think,” he explained.

He said that In fighting insecurity, the Nigerian army uses both kinetic and non kinetic measures ranging from full scale invasion to helping the process of rebuilding.

“All of these measures have helped the army in its fight against terrorism, insurgency and banditory” he said. ” We have had those involved in these acts surrender themselves and their families to be reintegrated into the society.

He however regretted that rather than provide reports on some of these achievements, bloggers and social media operators focus on reports that will serve to further expose the country to security threats.

While noting that security is everybody’s business, he stressed that bloggers and online journalists generally have an enormous role to play in the promotion of peace and security in the country.

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