Lagos – A Yoruba patriot, Tunde Shekoni has urged Ndigbo living in Lagos to ignore alleged threats that the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC was being mobilized to attack them, if Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential candidate loses the election.

Notwithstanding the fact that the OPC has stated that the rumor was fake and baseless, Shekoni, in a piece captioned “ An open letter to my Igbo friends”, he advanced more reasons why Ndigbo in Lagos should ignore the letter which he described as “trash” and come out to join their Yoruba brothers, to vote for the LP Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, in line with the resolution of Afenifere.

The open letter reads as follows:

An Open Letter To My Igbo Friends.
From Tunde Shekoni.

Recently,a certain post went viral on social media,raising concerns of the author about the safety of my Igbo friends, following a supposed plan to attack them should bola tinubu the APC presidential candidate loses the February 25th presidential elections.

After going through the post severally,I thought it wise to write this open letter to my Igbo friends residing in Lagos.Though the post which I see as a trash,do not deserve any second thought,but I felt I should just do this letter to further dispose the post to the trash bin where it rightly belongs.

Firstly,the post was rubbished from the word go, when it said that OPC is involved in the plot to attack Igbo people in Lagos if Tinubu is defeated in the polls.It rubbished itself because every right thinking Nigerian knows that the two OPC factions of late Fredrick Fasheun and Otunba Gani Adams are non violent and respectable organizations that can never be bought over by any person,much less Tinubu who I can tell you that the leadership of OPC can never work for,much more to cause mayhem.

On the other hand,many Yoruba elite and ordinary folks love Peter Obi and Igbo people in general and therefore can never submit selves to be hired to hurt their Igbo friends.It is no longer news but in the public space that the leaders of Yoruba Apex group Afenifere,through Pa Adebanjo have remained consistent in their endorsement of Peter Obi by Afenifere for equity,fairness and justice which many Yoruba elite and ordinary folks also propagate, having produced the Nigerian president for eight years and vice president for eight years ,therefore,no Yoruba son or daughter can raise a finger against their Igbo friends if Tinubu loses the presidential polls.

However,the post went on to confirm its trashed nature when it said that okada riders from Niger are being employed as touts to also join in the attack against Igbo people.This is laughable.But if any of such is even conceived,I can only tell my Igbo friends to go get their own weapons ready too as we Yorubas will join them fight these Nigerian Intruders in Yoruba land.

Let me not burden you my Igbo friends with so much lines but encourage you to come out in large numbers on February 25th, to vote for Peter Obi,who many Yorubas know as the only one among the pack that can give Nigerians good governance which Afenifere as the apex Yoruba group depicts. Please do not allow that trash of a post discourage you from coming out to vote on February 25th,which is its original intent and purpose.

Your Friend and original Omoluabi
Tunde Shekoni
Friday,February 3rd,2023

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