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At the cell I was condemned to death under the insurgency agreement of Presidents Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and Paul Biya of Cameroon that required that opposition members in one country that cross over to the other should be executed. I was however saved from the execution by the benevolent Christian Commandant who drove away the executioners from his station when they came to carry me for execution.

Thereafter, while in the cell several attempts were made to murder me by importing Muslim youth into cell with knives. All nights I never stopped shouting disclosing my identity possibly to the embarrassment of those who attempted to criminalize me. On 24th June, 2018 I was unilaterally released by the English-speaking orderly of the Commandant on the orders of his boss at the chagrin of the local Muslim guards posted to forestall my release, vowing to shoot me if I did not leave the compound and shooting anyone who dared challenged him. He ordered me to move to the Protestant Pastor who when I got to his house was afraid to accommodate me. He instead opted to put me in what I describe as a suicidal hotel, since the hotel had no fence and no night staff except a Muslim security man. In the night, this security man attempted to lock me from the outside and my timely intervention saved me from instant lynching.

That was when I decided to flee, and the third pursuit which lasted all through the night began. I eventually slept in the bush and the following morning saw my being taken to the UNHCR office in Batouri, who eventually took me to the Batouri District Hospital, where I stayed for the next 31 days— 25th June to 25th July, facing constant threats of lynching right in the hospital. I was later taken to the Bertoua Regional Hospital for my broken bone. There I was thrown out of the hospital after two days for no reason other than being an enemy of Islam. I was later taken to Bertoua Refugee Camp, where I stayed for three days before the decision to return me to Yaounde was taken. I had since resolved to come to Ghana by every possible means, where I can enjoy free air.

With the belief that I was proceeding to Yaounde, the officials of the Bertoua UNHCR bade me farewell. Few minutes later, I found myself turning northwards. The same day I found myself in Central African Republic hoping to raise money from the Igbo in Bangui for a flight to Accra. But I was driven back after boarding a bus to Bangui for the reason that the country was not ready to admit any refugee from Cameroon. I then decided to risk a northern passage through Nigeria, which definitely worked out under the miraculous act of God. Passing Garoua to the far North city of Maroua, and passing through the Boko Haram infested area of Republic of Cameroon I entered Nigeria through Gamboru, a town shared by the two countries. After two days of waiting for clearance for a Boko Haram-free trip to Maiduguri, I landed in Maiduguri, slept in a refugee camp there, entered the Keystone Bank to collect some money from my account and discovered there was an order to get me arrested whenever I came for my money. I was earlier informed of the situation and that day in Maiduguri being a Friday, I patiently waited for the time of Jumat when all the notable Muslims might be in the Mosque praying. I had no other option than to risk because it was difficult getting anybody help me financially in Maiduguri.

When I entered the Bank it was not to withdraw money but to change my alert telephone number. After filling the form and on opening my account, the lady banker found the order she immediately informed me that it was only the headquarters that can effect change. She then asked if I would undertake any other services like withdrawing money and I answered in the affirmative. She then brought me a withdrawal sheet which I filled and proceeded to withdraw some money. I made sure not to withdraw up to 100 thousand naira which will require endorsement from the Accountant or Manager. So I filled the sum of 95 thousand naira. As soon as I proceeded to withdraw my money she moved over to the Manger to inform him of my presence who immediately phoned the DSS officials. I was later informed by lady to come over to her table to complete the processes of changing my account telephone number.

I fully understood the bobby-trap, so I watched as she was attending to a customer, moved fast to the exit door and pressed the exit button which answered me with precision. I then zoomed out the bank, only to be informed by those outside that I was wanted in the bank. I instantly replied that I was coming, pointing to my stomach to indicate hunger, they immediately chorused “He is Coming”. I immediately boarded the next tricycle; waited until it discharged all the other passengers and took him on charter to the outskirts of Maiduguri where I took a Kano-bound bus. This was indeed not a matter of my acumen but one of the many stages of divine intervention in my predicament, which space would not allow me to reveal in full in the present report.

At Kano I charted another tricycle to Sokoto Park where Providence kept the last seat for me. Arriving Sokoto the following morning, I moved to Ile Ila border town with Niger Republic, boarded a motor-bike to the next town in Niger called Birnin N’Koni, from where I moved to Niamey. From Niamey I moved into Burkina Faso, from where I entered Ghana through Bitou and Bawku.

At Ghana I met the same assailants trailing me, this time blackmailing me among the Igbo leaders in Ghana not to help me since I am a wanted person in Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari. But the big question is, wanted for what offence? Am I wanted for criminal offence? Is it not for defending the Christian and Igbo causes that I am passing through all these trials and risks? Today in Ghana, I am facing the same risk over attempts on my life by the same people by attempting kidnapping and calculated mob attack. But Great Thanks to the Almighty God who resolved in all circumstances that I will live to give this Testimony which nobody can give better than me.

Dr. Tony Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe

24th August, 2020

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