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  1. Enugu: The Chairman of Labour Party Oji River LGA of Enugu State, Dr. Ginger Ibeneme II has lauded the Executive Chairman, Oji River LGA, Hon Chinedu Onyeagba, popularly known as “Omex Global” to his teeming supporters for his recent noteworthy good governance strides in the Local Government Council.
  2. According to a press statement issued on 5th September, 2022 by Ibeneme II, a medical doctor, a political activist and renowned Ambassador of Igbo culture and traditional religion, the opposition party was “pleasantly surprising that Mr Onyeagba could shine even when working under a non-performing State Government”
  3. The statement reads:
  4. “Labour Party Oji River hereby congratulate the Chairman Oji River LGA Mr Chinedu Onyeagba on his recent strides in Oji River viz-a-viz containment of security challenges, installation of street lights and training of Oji youths in agro value chain
  5. As a responsible opposition we believe that it is our duty to cheer good governance when it happens , as well as call out bad governance.
  6. We note that it is pleasantly surprising that Mr Onyeagba could shine even when working under a nonperforming State Government.
  7. We are pleased that Onyeagba has made the honorable choice to set himself aside from an incompetent regime by working for his people. It would be good to see other LGA chairman borrow a leaf from him .
  8. We are optimistic that when Labour Party takes over Enugu State and Oji River come 2023 we shall indeed do much better than what Onyeagba is doing, and we would be glad to welcome him into our fold having identified him as a lone progressive in the most of incompetent leaders .
  9. We wish to bring to the attention of the chairman the sad development in neighbouring LGAs where elements suspected to be associated with his political party have been harassing Labour Party faithfuls while they peacefully gather . We respectfully ask that he takes full charge and advise his party to choose the part of peace in Oji River LGA.
  10. Democracy is meant to be for the improvement of the community and development of the people, the legitimacy to do these must however come from the people through the ballot , and not violence.
  11. Again, we assure Chinedu Onyeagba that he is welcome to join our progressive fold as we set out to take over Oji River, Enugu State and Nigeria. The ship has sailed ,and the people are moving in droves . Do not be left behind .”

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