By Mazi Omife I Omife (MON) Mbuze Mbaukwu

Ugochukwu Agballa!
You all know him.
How time flies.
Just a year and some months ago, almost every man and woman in Enugu State, including students and bus and keke riders in Enugu carried him shoulder high, shouting and singing.

“Carry me de go,
Ugo Agballah carry me de go
To another Naija…”

That was at the Enugu Airport on the day he returned from Abuja, after the national leadership of the APC ratified his election as Enugu State chairman of the APC by the State Congress of the party.

True to type, he carried everybody in his political vehicle, promising to take them to the Lion building in 2023.

He subsequently organized his party’s primaries which was adjudged one of the freest and fairest in the country and produced one of the best governorship candidates in the history of Enugu politics, Chief Uche Nnaji.

Not done, he organized Enugu APC presidential rally which was again adjudged one of the best in the South East.

That was when the blackmailers came out, unable to hide or control their envy.

First they told us that Ugo Agballah was arrested by the police at the rally. But we all saw him with Tinubu and other APC stalwarts from Abuja at the podium, cracking jokes and laughing, apparently celebrating the huge success the rally was.

This made people ask the question how and when the police arrested him and what police station did they take him to.
The blackmailers had no answer.
When they found out that the masses were wiser than them and have known the allegations to be false, they changed the story.

This time it was that Ugo Agballah embezzled one billion and something naira he was given to share to APC members in Enugu State.
Again people asked questions.
Which other party as organized as the APC, no matter how rich, has ever given as much as one billion naira plus to its State chairman, one single individual, to share?
When has Nigeria become such a banana republic that one party member will be given such an amount to share? Share to who?
Does it mean that APC in Enugu State has no Secretary, no treasurer, no fin sec and other officers?
Does it mean that Enugu APC has no bank account?
Does it mean that Ugo Agballah is a sole signatory to the account?
If actually such an amount was given to an individual to share, wont the person or people who gave the money demand evidence of disbursement to party members?
Does it mean that the same amount of money was given to each APC State chairman across the country?

Now that they have found out that the masses have known that their allegations are false, and that the people are not fools, they have become dumb. We are waiting for their third lie.

As we wait for the next blackmail, let me ask if these blackmailers are saying in effect that they are happy with the state of affairs in Enugu State in the past two decades, and even maybe, want the situation to get worse under a one party system?
Since this is what they want, from all indications, then wont it be better if we destroy Ugo Agballah once and for all.
So that corruption will continue.
So that corrupt leaders will be back.
So that Enugu State will continue to degenerate. Abi?
Don’t mind them, my brother Uche Nnaji.
Enugu State must be salvaged.

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