Enugu: Some concerned citizens of Enugu state, have tongue lashed Chairman of Enugu East Traditional Rulers Council, Igwe Julius Nnaji, and his colleagues in other parts of the state for endorsing the People’s Democratic party PDP Governorship Candidate in the 2023 election, Barr. Peter Mbah, saying it’s morally and constitutionally wrong.

They argued that as Royal fathers, the Monarchs, ought to be apolitical, and father to all the Candidates, despite the alleged financial inducement that may have informed their decision.It would be recalled that Traditional Rulers from all the Autonomous Communities in Enugu East Senatorial district, where the PDP governorship hopeful Mbah, hails from, had recently threw their weight behind him.

The Monarchs, from the zone, had converged at the palace of its Chairman, Igwe Nnaji, where they endorsed Mbah as their Candidate, after which they handed to him the traditional Igbo Authority known as ‘Ofo’ to empower him for the Governorship poll. Speaking on behalf of his colleague, Nnaji, said the Ofo’, also represents Mbah’s social contract with them.

According to Igwe Nnaji, their action was in line with the promise they made earlier to the incumbent Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to support any of the Aspirants he endorses as his successor.The Monarchs, had further explained that the ‘Ofo’, which is the symbol of power was given to Mbah so as to guide him in the governorship political journey, adding that it is given to only one person endorsed by the traditional rulers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with African Examiner in Enugu, some members of the Electorate in the state and concerned residents who craved anonymity for fear of the unknown, said“it’s is morally and constitutionally wrong for our revered Igwes in Enugu State to openly take such decision without recourse to the fact that there are other Enugu sons contesting same election under different political parties.

“The other day, we also got information that traditional rulers in Oji River did similar things after the PDP group allegedly gave them 5 Million naira” said an Electorate.“This is too bad, and highly condemnable, as Royal fathers, they should always see themselves as fathers to all, and resist the temptation of sides taking, no matter the pressure, financial inducement, and where it’s coming from, because that is the only way they can still stand tall and command respect among the people.

“How could traditional rulers, who ought to be fathers to all the Candidates of the various political parties, throw morality to the dustbin, by endorsing the flag bearer of the ruling party in the state, simply because of what they stand to gain.“With such action, how do they expect the Candidates of other political parties and their supporters to respect them as Royal father’s, because, respect is reciprocal.

Recall also that just recently, the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical province of Enugu Diocese, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, His Grace, Most Rev. (Dr), Emmanuel Chukwuma, endorsed Mbah candidacy. Reacting to the development, while speaking with our Correspondent in Enugu, the state publicity Secretary of Labour party (LP), Comrade Ibuchukwu Ezike, said“let me say here without fear of favour or contradiction that the Labour Party is not disturbed by the endorsement of candidates, either by the traditional rulers or Church leaders or leaders of professional organizations or any other groups, etc.

“What will worry us, is the support of Candidates of other parties by the Nigerian citizens who have acquired their voters’ cards and are, therefore, qualified to cast their votes for candidates of their choice in 2023.“Labour Party is not worried by the endorsement of people who may not have electoral values or that may not even vote in 2023.“How many of the traditional rulers or Church leaders etc can convince their people to vote against their wish for candidates of political parties that have kept them in this hungry and beggarly conditions for 23 years.

“People who have killed education and kept their children out of schools for over two years whereas, their ignorant children are in best schools in developed nations.“These are members of same political party that have made their roads whether rural, state, or federal death traps, and who have turned their wives to prostitutes against their will in order to put food on the tables for their families.

“Same people who have refused, despite stinking wealth of our country, to provide jobs for them and their children who have passed out of tertiary institutions for over ten years.“How can these bribed traditional rulers or any other persons convince these Nigerians to vote for political parties and politicians who have destroyed their country and made them to pick their foods from the refuse dumps in the midst of plenty?“Is it possible for these dubious characters who parade as traditional rulers or Church leaders or what other names that they may be called to convince hungry and angry Nigerians to vote for politicians who only visit them in four years?

“We are not unaware that some Government Houses have turned to Mecca in recent times. We are also not unaware that some political parties have started, as they used to deceive the people in the past, to find out from the communities what they didn’t do well since four years or more again and what they wanted done in their communities so that they can intervene.“But the truth is that our people have become wiser, more committed to do the right thing and are prepared to vote them out in 2023.“We wear the shoes of the masses. We know where they pinch them and we know that yesterday has passed and not either in the present or future.

“Allow those who are fooling themselves to continue to do so. Soon, the Ides of March will be here and we shall know who own Papa’s land.“We, at the Labour Party, are not bothered by this spurious endorsement. Our people have been neglected for so long.“There is poverty and hunger in the land and so, what these traditional rulers and co are doing is to get these monies and other items from this party and its candidates to address their present stomach questions and in 2023, vote them out to start the rebuilding of our plundered society.

“Unlike them who only come to identify with the people in four years, we are and have been with them ever since and know what they do and will do in 2023.“There is no cause for alarm, we need more of such gratifications from them for the people. It is once in four years and the people must be allowed to take their own pound of flesh.

According to Ezike, “2023 will not be 2019 or 2015 or beyond, the revolt of the people have started in some places both here and elsewhere and the signs of what will happen in 2023 are being demonstrated.“May those who know how to. pound well, pound in the mortars and those who do not know how to pound well, hit the ground”

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