Over the last 500 years, various Afroasiatic Fulani warriors and Jagabans of the Borgu Afroasiatic kingdom, a Fulani subgroup, launched unsuccessful attacks to takeover Yorubaland, one of which in 1530s led to the chasing of Oyo royal court to Igboho and establishment of Aare Onakakanfo. Unfortunately, the current Jagaban of Borgu has finally been achieved the Afroasiatic takeover of Yorubaland due to the failure of the Yoruba leadership to educate their people of our indigenous African civilizational identity and genetic linkages. For the lack of knowledge people perish as Yorubas became susceptible to infiltration and divide and rule, through intra-civilizational squabbles with Igbos, our closest genetic and cultural relatives, while the predatory Afroasiatic civilization stealthily took over.The Fulani military intrusions, intra-Yoruba tribal wars and European colonization resulted in many Middlebelt groups migrating southwards. In the huge migratory wave, some Nupe and Borgus also resettled and were assimilated into Yorubaland especially with the colonization and amalgamation of Nigeria.

Some Afroasians migrated to Iragbiji notably Akiika compound, taking up Yoruba names like Ogunlere (War is profitable). One of them was to move further south to Lagos where he shielded the War is profitable mantra and subsumed the Tinubu name, a tinu bu based on ‘rotting from inside’. In a previous article, I showed how Madam Tinubu’s spiritual essence was reflected in Ahmed Tinubu’s takeover of Lagos. However, a lion might subsume a sheep’s identity, but it’s genes will still be that of a wild animal. On achieving in peacetime what his Afroasiatic genetic lineage had failed to accomplish with war, Tinubu was given the title Jagaban (head of warriors/Balogun) of Borgu, a functional hereditary title given only to sons of the soil in every tribe across Nigeria. Only a Yoruba can be a Balogun or Aare Onakakanfo.

Applying the time tested strategy of divide and rule, like how the Fulani took over Hausaland and culturally isolated them by labeling Yoruba and their genetic cousins to the South as Banza Bakwai/rubbish people, the current Jagaban of Borgu promoted divisions between the two oldest, most populous and prosperous Original indigenous African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, to hold onto power for 24yrs in Lagos, the Yoruba jewel citystate, before using the Yoruba disguise and commonwealth to push for presidency. Those now labeled Yoruba are the world’s oldest full sized humans after diverging from the San hunter gatherers 87,000 years ago (Mallick 2016; Tishkoff 2009 tables S8), when they choose to settle in one location to farm Wild Yams. A single group that evolved in what is now southwest Nigeria, Ife Ooyelagbo, had Yam and Palm oil at the root of their culture, and spread out due to eventual population pressures, with some like Ijaw migrating along the coast and delta.


Majority of the yam agriculturists migrated northwards to form Igala, Igbo, Idoma, filling the rest of South and Middlebelt, before migrating out of Nigeria into Cameroun via the River Benue and Lake Chad/River Chari, down to the Kongo River basin, up River Ugbagi to River Nile, where known as Mashariki Bantus, they filled up Ethiopia before crossing the land bridge into Yemen, the Arabia peninsula, migrating along the coast all the way to China and Polynesia. There had been a previous migration out of Southern Nigeria to China before the Indonesia super eruption 70,000 years ago that blocked sun rays and ushered in an Ice Age, during which the only survivors in Eurasia were those that ran into the Central Asian mountain cave, where only those with less melanin/dark skin were able to reproduce due to lack of sunlight and vitamin D. Gradually, natural selection resulted in a White Race who eventually came out of the Eurasian cave complex less than 10,000 years ago to challenge earlier waves of Black migrants that had settled and extended their peaceful theocratic civilizations along the Southern Asian coast. From 2000BC, the Asiatics adapted the iron impediments used for agriculture by the Black settlers into weapons, which they used to brutally overrun the Black civilizations of the Indus Valley (India/Pakistan), Elam (Iran) and eventually ancient Egypt. In the Axial Age between 700BC to 4BC, they adapted the accumulated knowledge over 80,000 years of the Original African civilization known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa into the Rig Veda that became Hinduism, the Jewish scripts that became the Bible, the Chinese I Ching, etc. The ultimate aim of Asiatic imperialism based on scarcity was to roll back, trace and control the source of the glorious rich Original African civilizations. Once they took over Black ancient Egypt, they realized that it’s human and natural resources came from the West Africa subregion, thereby the Asiatics split along two routes – across the Sahara desert and along the North Africa coast.

Due to the fact that the most important trade items like gold came from West Africa to North Africa, with the fall of ancient Egypt, subsequent coastal tradeposts organically evolved westward along the North African coast, closer to the West African source, first to Libya, Carthage/Tunisia and then Morocco into Senegambia. Those that headed across the Sahara desert got to Lake Chad, where they took over the Sao civilization to create the Kanem Bornu Empire before moving to Daura, where they took over the Habe Hausa civilization, and then to Senegambia, creating tradeposts in the Sahel based on shortest direct caravan routes to transport West African gold and produce to the North African coastal tradeposts. To takeover the actual production centers, they moved southward into the Middlebelt wooded savannah, chasing hundreds of indigenous African groups towards their Yorubaland source or into Central Africa. With the large Arabic presence in Morocco, Senegambia to it’s immediate South was overrun by Afroasians, who eventually made their way down River Niger to create the Borgu kingdom that was to make forays into Yorubaland, while also taking over Hausaland completely to form the Fulani Caliphate that was to takeover and Arabize the Nupe and the Zazzau/Zaria emirate that raided the South for slaves. These Islamized groups were to advance into the forests where they faced stiff opposition from Oyo to the Kwararafa confederacy of indigenous African groups that had united for centuries to repel the Bornu Empire southward advance. The grassland Oyo Empire was eventually defeated and the inhabitants moved southward into the forest. In the meantime, Europeans had taken over Morocco and further moved down the coast until they got to Edo and Kongo empires, and eventually colonized first Lagos, then Southern Protectorate and the rest of Nigeria.The Nigerian Youth Movement made the British realize that the unity of Yorubas and Igbos would bring about the unity of the Original African civilization that would challenge and rid their lands of both Abrahamic imperialists. The British had broke off the Northern fringes of the Original African civilization known as the Middlebelt and added it to the Afroasiatic Northern Protectorate in the 1914 amalgamation, and then broke the Southern Protectorate into East and Western regions in 1939 to break up their anti-colonial Youth Movement and instigated divisive bickering.

Naturally, in the spirit of representative democracy, the Yorubas told Igbos to go back to their region to contest for elective posts, resulting in the fight between Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamidi Azikwe that weakened the South against the North in the first and second democratic dispensations of 1960 and 1979.With European colonization and balkanization of the Original African civilization into competing tribes, the Yoruba leadership went to sleep in what was believed to be peacetime, while the Afroasians kept their four thousand year desire to take land all the way to the coast. While the Afroasians continued their violent ethnic cleansing across the Middlebelt through herdsmen, they adopted a soft power approach to infiltrate Yorubaland through assimilation. They gradually Islamized the Original African civilizations as they built mosques close to palaces which they eventually destroy to take over the traditional sociopolitical sphere.

However they faced challenges from the Original Africans that had discarded their Original African civilization beliefs for Christianity. While they were able to use Islamized Yorubas to their political advantage, East Yorubas of the former Edo Empire remained adamant. Immediately after independence, with the help of former Islamized Oyo citizens, the Northern Afroasians tried to defeat the Original African civilizational source by jailing Awolowo the political leader and removing the Original African civilizational leader, Ooni of Ife as governor. The takeover was nearly complete as they turned Nigeria into a republic to sever judicial links with the British to prevent the judicial reinstatement of Ooni as governor . However, Igbos and other Original Africans including some Yorubas, carried out a bloody coup killing the Afroasiatic civilizational head, in order to reinstate Awolowo and Ooni of Ife.

This drew the anger of the North that labelled them enemies. The North learnt that to isolate and capture Yorubaland they had to fan divisive embers between Yoruba and Igbos. In the current dispensation, the Northern Afroasians struck gold when their genetic descendant that had subsumed Madam Tinubu identity took power in Lagos. For the first 16yrs, he mainly used Muslims that had ties to the North while setting out to alienate Igbos in Lagos. He kept power by ensuring Igbos were disenfranchised and not able to work with Original African structures like Afenifere that brought him to power. Afenifere seeking to restructure the polity towards justice and equity aligned with other Original Africans of South and Middlebelt, creating the South and Middlebelt Leadership Forum that pushed for rotational presidency to the Igbos of Southeast region. The North keen on breaking up the civilizational alliance backed Tinubu despite the previous rule of Olusegun Obasanjo. However, for Tinubu to win he had to disenfranchise the Igbos and propagate anti-Igbo sentiments across Yorubaland. Most important, being from the Western Afroasiatic bloc of the Borgu, he choose Shettima from the Eastern Afroasiatic bloc of the Kanuri, with both geared towards the Islamization of Nigeria. It is common practice like what happened in Mali and Ilorin that you can only Islamize an Indigenous peoples by first using one of them tied to Afroasian through birth or ambition. It is a sad reality that Yorubas, Igbos and other South and Middlebelt groups that share close genetic and cultural origins allow themselves to be divided by strangers. Yoruba, Igala and Igbo have the largest genetic Original African content of nearly 100%, while Fulani have less than 50%, the rest linked to Eurasia. Due to Fulani Afroasiatic conquest, Hausas Original African genes has also fallen to 74%, less than African Americans 75% and above.

An Afroasiatic civilizational capture of the Original African civilization won’t only diminish our Original African genes, but our economic prosperity as seen with the Buhari regime. Just as they criminalized Hausas traditional belief system similar to Ifa, known as Boori, our culture will gradually be pushed aside. Yes we are all humans, but these Abrahamic civilizations that evolved in freezing arid wildernesses have an exaggerated sense of scarcity used to justify excessive control and reduction of freedom, which is diametrically opposed to the tenets of the Original African civilization that grew from bountiful forests.

Prince Justice Faloye is President, ASHE (African Socio-cultural Harmony and Enlightenment) Foundation and writes from Lagos

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