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Overseas Igbos Federation, an organisation of ethnic Nigerian Igbos resident in Germany has formally filed a Criminal and Terror Charges against Simon Ekpa Njoku.

In the criminal complaint prepared by Dr M. Ihedigbo, the General Secretary of the group, they’re accusing Ekpa of leading, participating in, supporting, funding and encouraging a terrorist organisation currently engaged in numerous acts of terrorism in southern Nigeria.

The complaint is addressed to the National Prosecution Authority, Office of the Prosecutor General in Lintulahdenkuja4 4 Helsinki Finland.

However, in his reaction, Ekpa, the self styled “Apostle of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu” challenged the group which he described as “faceless and criminal”, to hire a lawyer and sue him.

“Disregard faceless and criminal igbo group that have no address in Germany and could not afford to hire lawyer in Finland posting their propaganda on social media.“

“Hire a lawyer in Finland and sue Simon Ekpa for agitating for Biafra freedom and stop coming to social media court,” he tweeted on Sunday.

Simon Ekpa is currently in control of the Ekpa Killer Squad that claims responsibility for violent enforcement of the Mondays Sit-at-home in the South East which has been suspended by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Several Igbo political analysts complain that Ekpa’s goals are unclear since he no longer respects the authority of the IPOB hierarchy. Besides, his Ekpa Killer Squad is believed to be responsible for the ongoing killings in Ala-Igbo which has nothing to do with Biafra actualization.

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