The Igbo National Council (INC) condemns in it’s totality the Killing of Deborah Samuel and the Wanton Destruction and Looting of the properties of the Nigerians of Igbo Extraction living and doing business in Sokoto and other States of Northern Nigeria.

INC therefore advice the Northern elites to immediately cautious and call to order these blood thirsty hoodlums that has continue to take laws into their hands in pretence to be defending the Islamic Faith.

INC therefore charge the Ndigbo living in Sokoto and other States of Northern Nigeria to rise up in solidarity to defend themselves. Nigeria belong to the Igbos, therefore Ndigbo cannot allow itself to be intimidated or threatened to leave any part of Nigeria.

The Igbo Race are not known to be cowards and cannot live the lives of cowards. We are brave people,and must continue to exhibit that bravity anytime and anywhere no matter what the circumstances are.

Finally, we call on the Federal Government of Nigeria and the heads of Security Agencies to immediately fish out and prosecute the perpetrators of the Wanton Destruction and Looting of properties of Ndigbo living and doing business in Sokoto and other States of Northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian Police and Military must demonstrate the will to be unbias and capable of defending Nigerians in times distress not minding the Ethnic or Religious belongings of the vulnerable persons or victims.

We therefore wish to state that any further attack on Ndigbo or destruction of the properties of Nigerians of Igbo Extraction or killing of any Igbo person in any part of Nigeria henceforth will attract equal amount of retaliation.

We therefore urge Ndigbo to strongly and boldly defend themselves wherever they find themselves in any part of Nigeria.


Chilos Godsent
President INC
17th May 2022

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