Enugu: The Concerned Imeobi Members (CIM) has stated that the Peace Committee on the Ohanaeze crisis which it set up comprising members of the College of Igbo Archbishops and Bishops shall be inaugurated soon.

This was contained in a widely circulated document captioned “Update and Warm keeping Notes”, addressed to Concerned Imeobi members on 15th March, 2021.

The document signed Dr Uma Eleazu, Dr. Abraham Nwankwo and Engr. Chris Okoye as Chairman, Secretary and Coordinator respectively, dated 15th March, 2021 read in parts:

“The PURPOSE of this note is to assure all Concerned ImeObi Members of Ohaneze
Ndigbo(CIM) and indeed, all Ndigbo, that although we have not convened a general zoom
meeting for a couple of weeks now, activities towards resolving the crisis facing the National
Executive of Ohaneze have, nevertheless, continued undeterred. The thrust remains, as we all agreed, to reconcile and unify all rival factions to establish a common front for the selfless pursuit of Igbo interest, particularly, at this time we are facing overt and
intensified existential threats.

  1. ACCORDINGLY, in line with the decision taken at the last meeting of the CIM, the
    Secretariat has: reached out to the members of the College of Igbo Archbishops and Bishops, who constitute the Peace Committee set up by the CIM; equipped them with documents on the deliberations of the CIM that led to the request for their intervention; and, requested them
    to decide on an early date for the inauguration of their Committee.
  2. SIMILARLY, following the CIM’s constituting of a 22-member Technical Committee to
    support the work of the Peace Committee, the Secretariat has contacted the committees members to brief them about the assignment.
  3. MEANWHILE, we remind all CIM and indeed all selfless individual Igbo sons and
    daughters, as well as groups, of our several and collective responsibility in this matter, namely: to continue to relate with, and appeal to, all individuals and groups supporting the warring factions, to invest their talents and expertise on reconciling the factions towards greater Igbo unity and collective success, rather than on lintensifying the factionalization by siding and celebrating any of the contesting groups. This is the spirit behind our request to the College of Igbo Archbishops and Bishops to lead the reconciliation efforts and bring the warring brothers back to one united family.
  4. IN THIS REGARD, we are encouraged that a number of Igbo organisations have
    accepted responsibility to partake in the search for a just and fair solution. For example the Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU) in a message communicating its position
    dated February 20, 2021, declared that :”Ndigbo need to come together and come up with a solution that ensures credible leadership at this very critical moment when we need it.” The grassroots Igbo body concluded that: “ASETU stands ready to support and contribute to any effort that shall bring all stakeholders to the table to fashion out a way forward”
  5. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING & RECONCILIATION, reached through a shared
    commitment to the tenets and spirit of Ohaneze Constitution will restore unity,
    dignity, respectability and long-term sustainability to the Igbo family; conquer, manipulation and intimidation will not.”

Feelers reaching hoo!haa!! News is that several of the South East State Governors have given their blessings to CIM’s peace process. In fact, one of the Governors known for his peaceful disposition had urged Archbishop E. O. Chukwuma, Archbishop of Enugu Province, Anglican Communion and Co-Chairman of the Peace Committee to intervene in the crisis since the Governor yearned for a united Ohanaeze instead of supporting any faction.

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