Ikemba Front is a political movement with the the primary interest of promoting the political and economic emancipation of the Igbo people, we are determined to give total support to any person who share similar idea and has the mental, intellectual, emotional and financial capacity to create an economy for the Igbo nation that will guarantee economic independence even as we share the power at the centre.

Our membership is comprised of men , women and youths of Igbo origin resident anywhere in the world as we believe in the power of technology in harnessing global potentials of ndi Igbo, we are very mindful of the values harvestable from the diaspora when secure and conducive business , working and learning environment to drive “ Brain Gain” is created and provided.

Ikemba Front has studied the former Igbo leader Dim Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu (Ikemba Nnewi) whose ideology the need for a formidable Igbo oriented political structures was made, what we have added to that ideology is the economic emancipation of people, which will also guarantee a secure and safe environment for our people.

Anambra state is the head and the origin of the Igbo race, and through education, cohabitation, commerce and trade, politics and sports we have proven our worth that God endowed us with wisdom, skills, intelligence, strength, resilience and self-confidence, hence the need to reinvent and relaunch ourselves in the national politics without which we can’t achieve much as a people except individually, which have done without much of government influence.

He, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu on arrival from exile joined the party at the center then National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Our Prince of the Senate after indept research on the reason behind Ojukwus’ decision to align with the power at the center, and as a good scholar he took the same decision and the rest will be good stories, if Abakaliki can be transformed because they are connected to the center, what do you expect of Anambra state under the leadership of a dynamic, young, brilliant, kindhearted, God fearing, home grown business magnet, who have proven capacity by using his personality and political sagacity to hold Anambra South right winning the Senatorial elections even state and federal backings.

Hear this!!!!!!!  He is coming!!!!!!!

The man who God have shown a vision and sent forth, and as you know, he who God sends , he equips… we are the chosen ones to help actualize a practicable dream of a “Nation inside a Nation”

Sen Ifeanyi Uba is a gift to ndi Anambra and ndi Igbo at Large, whose time has come for the final fulfilment of the Igbo socio- economic emancipation leveraging on executive fiat, people oriented governance from the local governments to various town unions, for easy delivery of democratic dividend.

IKEMBA FRONT  do not want Taiwan/ Dubai ? New York as promised by the current administration, and half way into his tenure , we haven’t seen one road commissioned, nothing whatsoever, but shabby sites and long professorial theories of economy.

Sen Ifeanyi Uba is coming with international trading experience, coupled with his legislative experience at the Red Chamber to create a “Nation in a Nation” all we need to actualise this is to support him until victory is achieved in 2025.

This group has unequivocally decided to stand with Ebubechukwu Uzo Nnewi, the Ultimate game changer is our man for the seat in Agu Awka.



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