Aba – Dr Alex Chioma Otti of Abia State on Saturday commissioned several road projects in Aba, the Eastern Nigerian commercial/industrial power house.

In a statement posted on his Tweeter account, the banker turned politician thanked ndị Abia for their “unwavering support”.

The statement reads:

“Yesterday, we commissioned the Cemetry Road, Shalom Road, and Emelogu Road projects, marking a significant step towards our mission of rebuilding Aba.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Aba for their unwavering support and steadfast belief in our vision. In return for this trust, we are committed to delivering world-class infrastructure, implementing impactful social investment programs, and driving economic expansion. Our ultimate objective is to eradicate mediocrity and foster the transformation of Aba into a thriving commercial hub. These road projects represent only the initial phase of our ambitious plans for Aba, which is poised to become an attractive investment destination and a veritable goldmine of opportunities.

We are actively pursuing avenues to attract private investors, enhance transportation systems, and establish recreational facilities and ICT-innovation parks. In this endeavor, we call upon the residents to provide steadfast support through tax compliance, responsible waste disposal, and collaboration with security agencies. We sternly caution against any form of extortion and affirm our commitment to address such activities in strict accordance with the law.

Furthermore, we are resolute in our determination to fortify security systems and ensure the safety of lives and property. Together, let us continue to rally behind the vision of a prosperous Aba.”

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