By Mazi Omife I. Omife
Mbuze Mbaukwu

Beware! Beware! Beware!
Political grave diggers still on the prowl!
Soludo should watch it!

But why must it be Anambra State all the time? That is one question agitating the minds of many as some people who call themselves APGA landlords are going from one senatorial zone to the other begging people to come and contest the forthcoming senatorial elections in the state. And they are doing this even without allowing the swearing in of Soludo take place.
Ordinarily, I would have kept quiet and pretend ignorance of what is happening. But then, the unwholesome activities of these political beggars are giving both APGA and Anambra State a bad name.

The first person they met was Dr. Emeka Obi from Nnewi local government who at first sounded elated. But he was wise enough to ask whether Soludo was aware of the arrangement. When he was told that Soludo would be briefed later, he became disinterested.

The next person they met was Johnny Nwosu, also from Nnewi, who, like Dr Obi showed initial interest in the deal but gave one condition for accepting the offer, which was if the incumbent senator from Nnewi is part of the deal, since there was no way he would fight his brother. Again another bad business for the political beggars.

After four more failed attempts to hook on somebody, the political merchants decided to approach Senator Umeh. I can’t say for sure whether they met Victor Umeh and had his permission before they fixed 27th January town hall meeting to formally plead with him to contest.
Smart people. This time around, to make their game appear credible, they increased their number by hiring some groups to join them.

But I thank God that Senator Umeh, like the previous contacts, knew more than them and refused to honour the event, which would have been a terrible embarrassment to the highly respected senator as the event was enmeshed in disarray, reason being that some of the hired groups like Igbo political Voice, APGA students wing, and other fake stakeholders drafted from Unizik, Fed. Polytechnic Oko and Enugu were not given the money they agreed to pay them.
There would have been a riot before the students were given some money while others were asked to come next Tuesday for their money. If this is not a dent on the image of APGA as party, it is a big embarrassment to the image and personality of the governor elect.
For goodness sake, why won’t these political grave diggers allow the new governor-elect a breathing space to embark on the implementation of his lofty vision and agenda for Anambra State before inundating him with unsolicited list of candidates for a senatorial and other elections.

And come to think of it. The political history of Anambra State should have taught us of the danger of coaxing or begging people into political positions. Practically most of the people that were begged in the past ended up becoming disasters.

Dr Chinwoke Mbadinju was in his house when some beggars went to him and pleaded with him to come out for the governorship. Even when he told them he had no money, they told him not to worry and before one could open and close his or her mouth, money was everywhere. The rest is now history.

Gov. Obiano admitted that he was at a swimming pool when he got the news of becoming a governorship candidate. In other words, becoming a governor was not in his agenda.

At the national level, it was other people who raised the money and bought nomination form for Buhari to contest for the presidential election. Apparently, it was not his mind to contest for the presidency after three failed attempts but people forced it on him. Now see where we are with Buhari.

On the other way round, people who were well prepared for political leadership or governorship had a long time vision and mission of service and they all proved themselves by their performance, such as Peter Obi.
And now Soludo. We recall how Soludo was persuaded to vie for the senate in the last election but he rejected it and insisted on the governorship because he had a vision and a mission for Anambra State. In the name of God we all worship, please let us allow him to fulfill his mandate.
Soludo should beware and watch those political self-acclaimed political king makers very closely. He must not only avoid them like political plagues they are but also possibly probe their nefarious activities to save the image of his party and the State and engender peace and unity of purpose in Anambra politics.
Mazi Omife I. Omife
Mbuze Mbaukwu

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