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Owerri: An Owerri based pastor of a new generation church, His Church Life Transformation Prayer Ministry Owerri, Rev. Prof. Success Sunday has been forced to marry the corpse of 32 year old Miss Chioma Okoye, who lost her life in the process of a quack abortion he had done her, after drugging her.

The evil pastor had promised to marry her
after they met at a church Program years ago. After meeting the deceased’s family, thry started planning their wedding.

Unfortunately, she got pregnant for him. Surprisingly, when he learnt of her pregnancy, Rev. Sunday wickedly rejected it, saying that The Church would frown at it. He further stated that his image needed to be protected.

Due to this, he tried to remove the pregnancy on his own through crude means. However, when things went bad, he took her to a friend’s hospital. The doctor warned him that it was risky but went on with the abortion on deceased who was unconcious, after the pastor insisted.

Tragically, Miss Chioma passed away on 24th of February, 2021 owing to complications arising from the ill advised abortion.

When the deceased’s family wanted to take action, the pastor and his family pleaded for an amicable settlement on the condition that he marries her corpse and performs her burial ceremony as his wife.

The pastor paid her bride price and married her posthumously. Eventually, on Tuesday, 31st August, 2021.

Until her untimely death, Chioma, a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka was the Manager Of Avan Global Bizness Center World Bank, Owerri.

Hmmm young ggirls should beware of EVIL ENDTIME PASTORS!

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