Politics is seen as a game of interest. Those who engage in it do so with the intention of propagating their personal interest first before public interest.

Over time, activities and quality representation witnessed by the people of Enugu west have proved otherwise.

From 1999 when the current political dispensation started, we had Sen. Dr. Hyde onuaguluchi who clinched the seat on the platform of APP. His stay in the senate was cut short due to a court case instituted by Sen. Ben Collins Ndu who eventually won through the court and Hyde was replaced.

By 2003, Sen prof. Ike Ekweremadu got the PDP senatorial ticket and eventually won the 2003 election to represent Enugu west at the red chambers.
Although, the other two that shared out the first tenure of the new democratic dispensation did their very best to showcase Enugu west before the Nation. Not until Sen. Prof. Ike Ekweremadu took up the mantle of leadership of Enugu west that the zone started witnessing quantum leap in infrastructural and human capital development.
He was able to settle in quickly probably because of his background and several posts he held prior to him becoming the Senator.

The young Senator on arriving the red chambers in 2003 immediately hit the ground running. He was among those who were seriously considered for the post of senate president, before the then government of obasanjo settled for Sen. Adolphus Nwabara from Abia state, Sen. Ike continued his great exploits in the Red chambers until the opportunity came again. This time, Sen. Ken Nnamani was chosen to be the senate president. Sen. Prof. Ike Ekweremadu continued to offer quality representation to his constituents, and that fetched him a second tenure.
He continued where he stopped in the first tenure and rose to become the Deputy President of the Senate. He utilized the opportunity of his elevated position in the Senate to change Enugu west through his numerous intervention and appointments that impacted greatly on Enugu west.

He worked hands on gloves with the members representing various federal constituencies under his zone to attract more dividends of democracy to his people.

Fast forward to the current members of the two federal constituencies under Enugu west zone. (Awgu, Aninri, Oji river and Udi, Ezeagu federal constituencies) Represented by two gentlemen in the persons of Rt. Hon. Toby okechukwu and Rt. Hon. Dennis Oguerinwa Amadi. These gentlemen helped so much in bolstering the achievements of Enugu west to an enviable height and to the chargrim of many detractors who were bent on seeing only the negatives.

Now that our reverred super Senator, will be bowing out of the Senate in a grand style, many have wondered who can fit into this big shoe.

Rt. HON. DR. DENNIS OGUERINWA AMADI having worked closely with our out-going Senator and having acquired so much KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE of the workings of the National Assembly stand a very big chance of taking Enugu even higher as he already knows the areas and the necessary buttons to press in other to forge ahead.

My dream of Enugu west is a zone that will be the envy of our sister senatorial zones,
Where OJI RIVER area will completely return to its urban status,
Where AWGU LGA will regain its status as one of the oldest urban areas, and Where UDI LGA will continue to soar higher in its urban development.

A vote for RT. HON. DR. DENNIS OGUERINWA AMADI will guarantees all these.
Anything short of this will take the zone back to the trenches.
Cognate experience is the key.

Writes from Abuja.

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